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The Unexpected Hair Benefits of Chinese Food

The Unexpected Hair Benefits of Chinese Food

For some can’t-miss suggestions for achieving the healthiest hair possible, we decided to pose the question to some of today’s premier professional stylists. And naturally, they’ve got lots of thoughts on what you can do to keep your hair vital and vigorous.

Can you imagine making a sculpture from dried-out clay?

Or putting together a meal with poor-quality ingredients?

Obviously, if you want the best results for a project like this, it helps to start out on the right foot...with:


And the same idea applies when you’re looking to get the most out of your hairstyling.

That means, even with the finest hair care products and tools…’ll still be much happier with how your style looks and feels if you’re working with healthy, well-maintained hair.

“Pro stylists are always an amazing source of fascinating and unique tips for maintaining healthy hair”

So, for some can’t-miss suggestions for achieving the healthiest hair possible, we decided to pose the question to some of today’s premier professional stylists.

In their line of work, they see heads of hair in every condition you can imagine.

And naturally, they’ve got lots of thoughts on what you can do to keep your hair vital and vigorous.

Try incorporating these healthy-hair techniques into your own lifestyle routine.

We’re sure your hair will respond with even better styling results than before!


In our previous conversations with pro stylists, one thing became abundantly clear:

There are a lot of different ideas about how often you should cut your hair.

Some stylists suggest a cut every four weeks...while others maintain you can go whole months without putting the scissors to your locks!

But according to Christian Wood, a celebrity stylist whose clients include Olivia Munn and Emily Ratajkowski, you don’t even need a full cut to keep your hair strong and styling-friendly.

That’s where the micro trim comes in.

“You don’t have to take off multiple inches to get a refreshing vitality boost from a haircut”

For a micro trim, about once every month or two, you take off just a quarter to a half-inch of hair from your tips.

This is also known as a “dusting”...because the hair left behind on the salon floor should almost look like dust!1

“It’s not a full hair cut,” says Wood, “but it’s just enough to keep split ends at bay.”

The result is a potent boost in strength and flexibility, making your tresses easier to manage and style.2

So, next time you want to replenish your hair without putting it through the rigors of a full cut...give yourself the best of both worlds, and schedule a micro trim! 


You know that sometimes, there’s just nothing as invigorating as a nice hot shower.

But as much as that steaming water can open your pores and revitalize your skin… can also punish chemically processed or color-treated hair, as well as strands commonly styled with heat tools.

“Too-hot water can cause excessive dryness and wreak havoc on the hair and scalp,” says Tym Wallace, a star stylist who’s worked with Taraji P. Henson, Natasha Bedingfield, and Zendaya, among many others.3

Wallace suggests avoiding that potentially breakage-causing dryness by using lukewarm or cold water when washing your hair.

“Don’t be afraid to turn on just the cold tap...your hair might thank you for it later!”

Sure, it may be hard at first to withstand that chilly cascade over your head and shoulders…

...but the result will be an extra level of protection from dried-out or broken strands.4 


Of course, once a while, you do get that info tidbit we all dream of:

Finding out something you love can be good for you, too!

That’s why we were thrilled when Elaine Wong, a renowned stylist based in Beijing, China, told us you can enjoy health-giving hair benefits from a simple, and simply delicious, source:

Chinese food!

“That’s right! Turns out your hair can get a craving for Chinese, too!”

According to Wong, many Chinese dishes are packed with natural herbs that bolster the health of both your hair and scalp.

These ingredients include:

  • SESAME: Sesame seeds are packed with fatty acids that stimulate healthy hair growth, and sesame oil is known for nourishing and revivifying your scalp5
  • GINGER: Its minerals and essential oils promote softer, shinier hair. Plus, it’s full of anti-inflammatory ingredients to help fight both dry scalp and dandruff6
  • FLEECE FLOWER ROOT: Trusted in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, this plant is effective for maintaining your hair’s color, and also as a defense against hair fall7

To enjoy the benefits of all these ingredients at once, Wong suggests choosing sesame chicken next time you order take-out.

“It’s the ‘healing cuisine’,” she says, for the hair of countless Chinese women.8

(Just remember to save the leftovers for us!)


Make no mistake:

Taking steps like these to maximize the strength, shine, and health of your hair will yield you rich rewards.

Hair is easier to style when it’s at its healthiest…

...and rich, refreshed, full-bodied locks will really show off that carefully crafted style in all its dazzling glory!

We hope these tips from some of today’s most accomplished stylists will set you on the road to supercharged hair health.

But of course, we always like to hear from you with any tips we may have missed.

What are your number-one tricks for keeping your hair at its thickest, shiniest, and most healthy?

Share your favorite techniques via email. You just may find your ideas featured in a future edition of “HAIR/TALK”...

...ready to help women everywhere face the day with the healthiest hairstyles imaginable!



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