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3 Easy Hairstyles to Amp Up Your Outdoor Summer Fun

3 Easy Hairstyles to Amp Up Your Outdoor Summer Fun

No matter what kind of adventures you plunge into this summer… ...we want you riding high...with your hair looking fashionable, vibrant, and simply to die for!

Whether it’s the intense tangles kicked up by a high-speed bike ride or full-throttle roller coaster…

...or the maintenance challenges presented by a family camping trip…

...enjoying your favorite outdoor summer activities can feel like a hairstyling obstacle course.

But we’re about to change all that.


Because no matter what kind of adventures you plunge into this summer…

...we want you riding high...with your hair looking fashionable, vibrant, and simply to die for!

“Whatever you’ve got planned for this summer...we want to make sure you look fabulous doing it!”

That’s why we’ve got a few easy, ultra-chic styles to transform your fun-in-the-sun look.

These styles will each take you just minutes to create…

...but the carefree burst of pizzazz they’ll give your day will last till the sun goes down...and beyond!


For sheer energy and thrills, nothing beats a trip to your favorite amusement park…

...with super-fun food, delightful games...and of course, those powerful, high-voltage rides!

But all that velocity can really wreak havoc on your hair...especially if you like the rides that flip you upside down!

Without the right style, you can end your day with tousled, tangled-up locks.

And you even put your hair at risk of getting caught in the gears or chains on rides.

So, to look your finest and stay your safest, even when you’re flying through the air at a hundred miles an hour…’s a unique twist on a classic high bun, complete with braided accents.

“This elegantly textured bun is ready for even the fasted-paced fun park day!”

  1. First, pull your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head, then secure it with an elastic.
  2. Separate the tail into two sections of the same thickness.
  3. Then, braid each section separately.
  4. Secure the ends of each piece with a tight elastic or rubber band.
  5. Then, twist the two braids around each other to create a neat bun.
  6. Finally, use bobby pins to fix the hair in place. Make sure these are nice and don’t want them coming undone at the top of the coaster loop!

This is a beautifully textured look, sure to have you poised and ready for amusement action.

And, once you’re done riding for the day and ready to let your hair down, the braiding from the bun will leave you with some smashing beachy waves!2

And speaking of beachy…


At the ocean...down by the lake...lounging poolside...even thrill-seeking at a water park…

...when the summer takes you anywhere it’s bound to be wet and windy, you want to give your hair some special thought.

You might be tempted to just throw your locks up into a messy ponytail, or make it a “hat day.”

But what if you want to put your best look forward, for those sure-to-happen Instagram shots?

In that case, why not really get into the watery spirit...with a fishtail braid?

“The fishtail braid is a simple, sleek, and sexy look for any day by the waves!”)

This is a splendid, over-one-shoulder look that offers you killer, head-turning style...while still keeping you free and loose, for fun beachside frolics!

Here’s how you create this braid:

  1. Prep your hair for styling, and add a splash of texture, with some sea salt spray.
  2. Pull your hair to one side of your head.
  3. Divide the hair into two even sections.
  4. Take a smaller section of hair from the outside of the left-hand section, and cross it over to join the right-hand section.
  5. Repeat the process, this time moving a small section from the right-hand side to the left.
  6. Continue all the way down the hair, until you’ve got the entire length braided.
  7. Secure the tips with an elastic.

...and you’ve got an absolutely alluring beach-ready style!

You can also give this braid a looser look by tugging each side a bit…

...and if it’s even more texture you crave, don’t worry...the wind and salty air have got you covered!2

FOR ROUGHING IT’s where those third and fourth-day hairstyling hacks really come in handy.

Because when you’re out in the wilderness...whether it’s the woods, a desert excursion, or a heavy-duty hiking trip… may find yourself in situations where you won’t be able to wash your hair for days.

Fortunately, your hair’s natural moisture and oils actually make going a few days without a wash good for your hair!

And, of course, if you need a freshness boost after a couple nights in a tent or sleeping bag… well, that’s what dry shampoo is all about!

That said, even when you’re getting back to nature...there’s no reason your hair can’t rock a winning style.

“With the right style, even when you’re out in the forest, your hair can look as hot as this campfire!”

And it turns out, those beachy waves are also a great choice for a camping trip!

Just take a moment or two, before you head out to the campsite, to sculpt some waves.

For quick pointers, check out our Facebook page...where you’ll find a range of hair-curling tutorial videos for a variety of different hair lengths!

These loose waves will keep your hair from flattening out too much…

...and whether you prefer to work with a curling wand or flat iron, the right tool will ensure your style stays full-bodied without additional heat!

Then, once your hair begins to lose some of that volume, we recommend pulling it into some simple low pigtails.

They’re cute, they’re functional, and they won’t give you the same tight, tugged-back look as a day three or four ponytail.

And, of course, once you hit day five of your outdoor adventure…’s time to break out the hats and scarves!3


It’s one of the most glorious things about summer… excitement and fun are always right around the corner.

And you want be sure you can dive right in and celebrate...without a moment of worry about your hair!

The style suggestions shared above are ideal for even your most action-packed days.

Try them for yourself...

...and your hair will be one more picture-perfect part of a summer day guaranteed to make you smile!  



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