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FREE Shipping to the contiguous U.S. on orders over $150
FREE Shipping to the contiguous U.S. on orders over $150

Meet: Root Touch-Up Sticks

What They Are:

These twistable, easy-glide touch-up sticks instantly conceal root regrowth. They’re offered in three easy to match shades with a natural-looking matte finish.

Who They’re For:

These portable root sticks are perfect for anyone between colorings who would like to camouflage gray hair and visible roots.

Why You’ll Love Them:

Can’t make it to the salon? Don’t worry! Our Root Touch-Up Sticks have got you (and your roots) covered. They’re brushable, easy to blend, transfer resistant and wash out easily with shampoo. Compact and portable, they’re easy to take with you anywhere you go.

How to Use Them:

  1. Start with dry hair that has already been styled.
  2. Pull hair taut against your head and glide the stick over areas in need of coverage.
  3. Allow the formula to set for a minute or two before brushing or touching.