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How To Achieve The Softest Bounciest Curls Ever

Watch Cortney Wheeler easily create the bounciest softest curls ever. She'll take you through her quick and easy routine and even let you in on what hair care products keep her curls lasting all day long.


How To Create The Look

1) Spray a quality heat shield, like our Rival Heat Shield, all over hair to protect hair from heat.
2) Part hair half way around your head and pin up the upper portion of hair.
3) Wrap a small section of hair around a quality curling wand, like our Titanium Lustré Curling Wand, and hold for 5-7 seconds.
4) Repeat wrapping small sections of hair all around your head, ensuring you haven't missed any sections.
5) Spraying hairspray like our Haute To Trot all over helps to ensure your curls stay in place all day.
6) Spray a texturizing spray like Salt + Sea Texurizing Spray all over hair to amplify volume and create amazing texture.

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