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The Big Mistake That's Ruining Your Hair
The Big Mistake That's Ruining Your Hair

Do you like the smell of burning hair?

Of course you don’t. No one does!

Then how come so many women don’t use a heat protectant when they use a curling wand or flat iron?

Because even if you don’t smell it, make no mistake… every time you use heat to style your hair, you’re burning it!

And that dries it out, leaving it prone to breaking and splitting.


You wouldn’t go out in the sun without sunscreen would you? Well, it’s exactly the same with your hair.

But the good news is that there’s a solution.

L’ange Rival Heat Shield is a premium heat protectant that guards your hair from damage and keeps it looking:

  • Shiny and smooth by sealing your hair and keeping out the heat.

  • Happy and healthy because its protein-packed formula strengthens your hair’s internal structure.

  • Glamourous and gleaming because when you prep your hair, your style will look better and last longer.

But if you’re still unsure, here’s a little experiment for you to try at home…

First, turn on your blow dryer and aim it at your forearm…

You can feel the heat, right?

Next, take some L’ange Rival Heat Shield and spray it on your forearm, then point the blow dryer on your arm once again.

The heat is considerably less now, isn’t it?

We’ve conducted this experiment at our office with all kinds of other heat protectants, and Rival consistently outperformed every other brand we tried.

That’s because L’ange Rival creates a powerful barrier that keeps the damaging heat out… and your hair’s natural oils in.

So try this experiment and see for yourself!

You’ll feel the heat that your hair experiences… and what an enormous difference Rival Heat Shield makes.

Because when you use L’ange Rival, you:

  • Protect your hair, by preventing it from being burned by your hot styling tools.

  • Keep your hair healthy, by giving your hair ample keratin.

  • Block dangerous UV rays, preventing your hair from getting dull and your color from fading.

Rival Heat Shield is an absolute must for anyone that uses heat to style their hair.

Imagine being able to achieve the perfect look for your hair… and knowing that it’s not just the right decision for your hair’s looks, but for your hair’s health, too.

Don't Suffer From Damaged Hair Any Longer!