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6 Tips To Fight Frizz For Curly Hair 


If you have curly hair, you know taking care of it isn’t exactly easy especially since no two women’s curls are exactly the same.

Finding the perfect combo of products to nourish and cherish these curls isn't simple, so we're uncovering the best 6 ways to treat curly hair so you aren’t overwhelmed by frizz and unruliness this season.



For curls to stay fresh and buoyant, avoid touching your hair too much. Playing with hair excessively can leave it more dry and brittle, believe it or not.

For this, use one rule: style, set and forget.



Since sulfate is known to strip the hair of natural oils, it’s best to use one without sulfate, which will help you prevent damage and frizz.

Try our L’ange Lather Shampoo and Crème Brulé Conditioner. They contain Keratin protein, so they’re super gentle and will hydrate the hair for a soft, indulgent feel.





You want to eat foods that are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D and biotin, as they help build shiny, healthier hair.

For growing hair longer, faster, and maintaining maximum shine, load up on things like salmon, eggs, sweet potatoes and leafy greens.

(And don't forget to drink tons of water too!)



Use a snag-free vented brush that reduces tugging to detangle wet curls, as a normal brush not made specifically for wet hair can damage the hair cuticle, leading to split ends and breakage.

Using a hair wrap towel will help reduce drying and styling time, as it soaks up excess water and moisture in the hair faster than traditional cotton, and helps to flatten the hair cuticle which results in improved shine and luster.




From heat, that is. Those hot temps from your flat irons, curling wands and blow dryers can damage strands and leave ends looking frayed. 

Use a thermal protective product like our Rival Heat Shield to lock in moisture and protect your hair from heat damage.




Keeping your hair conditioned is vital for healthy-looking curls.

Try our game changing Réplenish Leave-In Conditioner for instant nourishment, or the Borago Deep Conditioning Mask for extra restoration, manageability and shine.

Follow these tips regularly and you will see curls that are healthier, shinier, and more manageable. Who doesn't want that?! 




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