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DIY Hair Hacks From Around The Globe
posted at Here’s a trio of our favorite DIY hair tips, from three of the world’s most unique cultures.
The Simple Way to Pick the Perfect Out-of-Town Salon
posted at A stop at the salon might not be part of your vacation itinerary. But after a few days away a reinvigorating blow-out, quick trim, or even a full styling session might be just what you need.
What You Need To Know About Deep Conditioning
posted at You know about using conditioner to maintain your hair. But deep conditioning is a more potent, in-depth reparative hair treatment that penetrates the follicles...sealing in protection from the inside out!
The Frizz-Fighting Secret From Hong Kong
posted at There’s a quick and easy way to fortify your locks against humidity. All it takes is 3 ingredients you’ll be able to find in any market!
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