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Hair Talk

These Two Fruits Hold the Key to Thicker Hair
posted at Fresh fruit is an irreplaceable component of any healthy, well-balanced diet. But here’s something you might not have been told: You should be “feeding” fruit to your hair, too!
Pros Share Their Color-Enhancing Secrets (Brighten Hair With Kool-Aid?)
posted at We reached out to an assembly of the world’s most gifted pro stylists and colorists and asked them: “What is your best advice for enriching flawless NATURAL hair color?”
The Hair Body-Building Tips Every Woman MUST Know
posted at We asked a collection of the world’s most celebrated pro stylists: “What are some of your most powerful tips for adding volume to fine hair?”
“Hair Doctors” Share Their Top Hair Health Tips
posted at Is there anyone out there who knows more about hair than brilliant salon pros? And that led us to a group of women and men whose knowledge of what makes your hair feel and look its finest goes even deeper than the root: TRICHOLOGISTS.