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Want Your Wand to Work Magic? Here’s What You SHOULDN’T Do

Want Your Wand to Work Magic? Here’s What You SHOULDN’T Do

To learn more about curling wand disasters to avoid, we gathered some professional styling wizards, and asked them: What are the most common curling wand mistakes and how do you avoid them?

 Believe it or not, this year is the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter's release in the United States.1

And if you’ve read those books, or seen the movies, here’s something worth remembering:

Even though Harry Potter was a super-powerful wizard...he still had to go to wizarding school.

And if you think about it, that fantasy world has something in common with styling your hair.

That’s because, in both’s not about just having the most powerful wand…


Woman holding a ceramic and titanium curling wand

“The technological wizardry of L’ange curling wands are just part of the story...the real magic is in what you can do with them!”

Of course, here at L’ange, we’ve done our best to give you what you need for your own styling fantasies.

Our range of ceramic and titanium curling wands are calibrated for superb ease and optimum styling power, even if you’re a novice.

And, to guide you in crafting enchanting curls and dazzling waves, our Facebook page offers live video tutorials...where women just like you use their L’ange wands to work styling wonders!

But it’s just as vital for you to study up on typical curling wand styling mistakes… keep you from winding up with a ‘do the most powerful wizard in the world couldn’t fix!


So, to learn more about curling wand disasters you simply have to avoid…

...we gathered a coven of professional styling wizards, and asked them…

What are the most common curling wand mistakes...and how do you avoid them?

Their advice will help you ensure that, every time you pick up your curling wand…

...the style you conjure will be nothing less than magical!


Whether it’s a day in the park...lunch with your gal pals...or date night with that special guy… hairstyle says breezy, carefree beauty quite like a classic beachy wave.

And it’s easy to do! You just grab your favorite wand, set the heat just right, and start to wrap the ends of your hair…

Stop right there!

According to veteran stylist Kirsten Patterson, whose work appears regularly in Allure, curling your hair from the tips up to your roots is one of the most common styling snafus.2

“The ends of your hair are more delicate,” advises Patterson, “and don’t need nearly as much heat to curl.”

She says you always want to start with the wand nearer to your roots, and work your way down your strands as you curl.

“Leaving your ends last will cut down on damage,” Patterson says, “and give the overall style a more natural-looking vibe.”3

This tip-styling tip will guarantee you carefully crafted waves that look sheerly effortless!


“Parting is such sweet sorrow.” That’s what Juliet told Romeo.

But parting your hair doesn’t have to give you grief...not if you know how to part your pre-curled locks to enhance the look you desire.

That’s what we learned from Janine Jennings, a U.K.-based master stylist who trains salon professionals for the GHD brand.

Jennings says before you part your hair to prep it for applying heat, you need to ask yourself just what sort of effect you’re hoping to achieve.

“If you want volume,” Jennings says, “you’re going to take a horizontal section, and curl while lifting from the root.

“But if you want a wavy look,” she suggests, “use a vertical section.”

Whether you part horizontally or vertically, Jennings says curling in one-and-a-half-inch sections will give normal or fine hair the most satisfying curl.

But, if you have thick or coarse hair, a one-inch section will create a more pleasing style.4

Simply stated, parting smart will give you voluminous curls or cascading waves that are all sweet...with none of the sorrow!


Now, here’s some good news:

When it comes to curl-compromising mistakes, our salon pros said the single biggest issue is not a problem with your wand.

And it also has nothing to do with your skills in working that wand through your hairstyle.

Still...there is one common error the styling experts mentioned more than any other:


Far too often, you might be tempted to adjust your tresses with your fingers while you’re curling...or give it a quick mid-styling touch-up with a brush or wide-toothed comb.

But according to these salon pros, this is a temptation that must be avoided:

  • “If your hair is super-straight or doesn’t curl easily, do not even think about brushing or touching those curls until the very end, when they’ve cooled down.” - Kirstin Patterson
  • “Running your fingers through your curls immediately after curling can cause unwanted frizz or make curls droop.” - Patrick Melville, stylist for Eva Longoria, Heidi Klum, Mandy Moore, and a multitude of celebrities5
  • “Always allow your hair to cool down for a couple of minutes, so the curls have a chance to set.” - Redken global artistic ambassador and veteran stylist Sam Villa6

No doubt about it:

While irresistibly touchable curls are always your styling goal...if you can’t resist touching those curls before they’re cool, a flat, bounce-free look might be the result!

Woman with curly hair sitting under the sun

“Sometimes it’s hard to keep your own hands out of your curls...but if you tousle your hair before your curls have cooled, watch out!”

Deron Edward, creative director at Chicago’s Civello salon, says the key to awe-inspiring curls is simply pacing yourself.

“Always let the hair cool undisturbed,” says Edward. “Once you release a curl from the wand, move on to the next section, and let the last curl cool.”

And, once your entire head of hair has cooled, arranging those curls couldn’t be easier.

All it takes, says Edward, is “gently picking up curls by the end of the strands and loosely shaking them.”7

The result:

A soft, sumptuous curl that’s ready to savor a loving and intimate touch!


When it comes to truly bringing the magic out of your heat-styled curls… always helps, no matter what wand you choose, to know the do’s and don’ts of a fabulous curl!

That’s why avoiding the curling mistakes our styling geniuses have shared today is so important.

Trust their wisdom...and you’ll soon be creating tantalizing curls and lustrous waves so easily…’ll feel like a graduate of Styling Magic School!



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