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The Best and Worst Cities For Your Hair

The Best and Worst Cities For Your Hair

There are cities tailor-made for healthy hair and styling ease, and those that treat your hair like an uninvited guest. So here are three cities you have to see...and three more that just might give your hair a rough trip!

How did you decide what city to visit on your vacation this year?

Did you pick a place with a theme park or attraction your kids have been dying to experience?

Or maybe your husband’s got one last stop on his “see a game in every ballpark” bucket list.

Well, here’s a unique idea:

This year, why not try taking a tour of America’s friendliest cities...for your hair?


No doubt about it:

All over the country, there are cities tailor-made for healthy hair and styling ease.

Unfortunately, there are also plenty of places ready to treat your hair like an uninvited guest!

So, if you’re looking to give your hair its own version of the classic Grand Tour this summer… are three cities you have to see...and three more that just might give your hair a rough trip!


The city the locals call “the ‘Burgh” has plenty of summer activities in store for you.

Everything from the Andy Warhol an old-school amusement park consistently ranked by experts one of the best in the country.1

But while you’re soaking up all that fun in the sun, your hair will be soaking up something else:

Air pollution!

That’s right:

Of all the cities in our bottom three, Pittsburgh records the worst year-round air quality.

And this toxin-thick air can give you dull, limp, lifeless tresses for your whole visit.

Plus, the pollution has been linked to the locals suffering premature graying and accelerated hair loss!2


San Diego skyline on a sunset

The southernmost big city in the Golden State boasts some of the steadiest weather conditions in the country.

We’re talking about averages right in the mild middle 70s...and that’s in the summer, when the city’s at its hottest!3

Plus, for a coastal town, San Diego is surprisingly free of hair-tangling winds.

And it ranks among the 10 least rainy cities in the US...keeping that frizz-activating humidity nice and low.

Combine that with a generous number of top-tier salons…

...and San Diego’s legendary zoo, sprawling parks, and seaside vistas are just icing on the cake!4


Of course, you’ve heard all about the heavy rain they get in Seattle, northeast of Olympia.

But the capital city of Washington state still sees its fair share of storms...topping out at about 50 inches of rain annually.

That’s accompanied by dense cloud cover that remains at heavy levels throughout the year.

And if you are planning a summer excursion to might have to make it a short one.

That’s because summer doesn’t last very long in this city...and even during the dog days, you’re looking at cloudy conditions and decent chances of rain.

Naturally, all that moisture in the air can do quite a number on your hair…

...swelling your strands, breaking the cuticles, and leaving both straight and curly locks with unwanted frizz.

And as if that wasn’t enough of a style-maintenance challenge… of the most recent listing, in this city of over 50,000 people...there are only 25 salons!6


Waikiki skyline

Since your curls took quite a beating in the last city we discussed…’s time to head out to the the country’s friendliest city for naturally curly hair!

Like San Diego, you’ll find year-round temperatures in the mid-70s in Hawaii’s capital.

And, unless you head up into the mountains, you won’t see much rain in Honolulu, either.

That’ll keep your curls from weighing those Instagram shots will show you off at your bright and bouncy best!

Honolulu is also light on air pollution, and the hotel and resort showers offer soft water.

All these factors come together to keep your hair feeling island breezy…

...and so full of touchable’ll give Hawaii’s picturesque views a run for their money!7


When it comes to what makes a city hard on your hair, there’s a number of factors to consider.

How high is the humidity...aggravating frizz and leading to limp, bled-of-life strands?

Does the city’s plumbing deliver mostly hard water...leaving your hair coarse and tough to style?

And do you find yourself scrambling for a salon visit...thanks to a low number of pro stylists?

You’ll face all these issues in Corpus Christi, TX...America’s worst city for your hair.

Corpus Christi Skyline at Night

It’s number 7 on the list of the country’s most humid cities...with temperatures that climb towards the 90s in the summertime.

Plus. you’ll find mostly hard water in the hotel showers...and you may struggle to find a stylist at all, thanks to the thin salon-to-population percentage.

Now, don’t get us wrong: Just like with Pittsburgh and Olympia, there’s plenty of wonderful things to see and do in Corpus Christi...

...everything from one of the country’s best beaches that have earned the place its nickname, “The Sparkling City by the Sea.”

But just remember:

If you visit Corpus Christi...or the other cities in our bottom three… sure to read up on the conditions there...and prepare your hair for the worst!8

And now...without further ado…


Ahh, Santa Barbara, much do you love our hair? Let us count the ways:

Evening sunset at the beach

  • Air quality far better than the national keep your strands free of atmospheric chemicals and pollutants9
  • Rainfall of less than 20 inches a year...keeping the humidity from frizzing your hair
  • An average temperature around 70 degrees...perfect to prevent your tresses from drying out
  • Low levels of wind...bring your hair out to play, without fear of tousling or tangles
  • ...and a strong number of high-quality professional stylists and salons!

And if all that doesn’t convince you, consider this:

Who pays more attention to the health and glamour of their hair than the average celebrity?

Well...tons of celebs live and holiday in Santa Barbara…

...including such icons as Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Charlize Theron, and even Oprah!11

So, this summer, when you’re mapping out your family’s dream vacation plans…

...why not fit in a trip to the city they call the “American Riviera”?

You...and your hair...will be glad you did!



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