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Step Up Your Instagram Game With These Selfie Tips

Step Up Your Instagram Game With These Selfie Tips

A lot of Instagram’s top hair authorities are NOT pro stylists. But one thing sets these star influencers apart...the special tricks they use for both hairstyling and photography.

We’ve got a secret about your favorite hair and beauty influencers on Instagram.

And that secret is:


That’s right. Don’t let those lofty follower numbers fool you.

A lot of Instagram’s top hair authorities are NOT pro stylists or leaders in the industry.

In fact, quite a few of them don’t have any hair or beauty training at all!

Instead, they’re busy homemakers and working moms who share your passion for stunning hairstyles.

But there is one thing that sets these star influencers apart...and helps them draw thousands of followers to their feeds.

It’s the special tricks they use…for both hairstyling and photography...that transform their selfies or vacation shots into images that gets hundreds of likes.


So, as we move into the sunny months of summer...when vacations, family get-togethers, and long nights of leisure will have you snapping shots by the dozen…

...we’re here to share some of our favorite tips for top-quality Instagram images.

“You’ll be spending a lot of time on camera this want to make sure your hair’s ready for the photo!”

Don’t be surprised if the photos you craft with these tips find you pulling in loads of new followers.

Either way...they’ll help make sure your keepsake images are every bit as beautiful and vivid as the memories you make this summer!


We start with a simple way to refresh and revitalize your locks for any photo occasion.

This comes courtesy of lifestyle blogger Hannah Gale (on Instagram @hannahfgale), who brings her own special hair concerns to every shoot.

“My hair is naturally super flat, fine (and, ahem, partial to getting greasy very quickly),” says Gale.

So, she relies on what she calls her styling “BFF”:

Dry shampoo!

Gale suggests always trusting dry shampoo to give limp or unwashed hair a boost before you break out the iPhone.

“I also find it’s great at stopping my waves from dropping out,” says Gale, “as it gives them a bit of something to stick to.”1

Dry shampoo is the perfect take-it-anywhere summer style-saver.

That’s because you can easily slip its light, compact can into any purse or canvas tote.

That way, it’s always ready to support your style...whether you’re at the bar, the beach, or the ballpark!


So, you’ve been on the run all day...but now, you’ve finally made it to the big party.

And you know once you walk in, everybody’s going to be taking photos left and right.

What’s the best way to get a no-frills blast of life and energy before you (and your hair) make your entrance?

It’s easy!

Just give your locks a flip or toss before you step into the photo zone.

That simple gesture will give you an immediate infusion of extra body and bounce.

“Giving your hair a revitalizing flip will have every eye on you whenever you walk into a room!”

Of course, it helps to prep for that flip’s invigorating effects by choosing the right styling products.

And if it’s volume you’re looking for...that means you want to start right at the roots.

A powerful root-boosting formula, applied on washing days, gives any style a mighty lift...for hair that looks dynamic from any and every angle!2


Taking fabulous hair-focused Instagram shots is just like any other style of photography:

It’s all about the lighting!

Here are some tips for different lighting situations you’ll face when shooting for Instagram:

  • OUTDOORS: Dawn and twilight will give you the best results here...the softer shadows and contrast bring out more of your hair’s rich colors
  • CLOUDS AND RAIN: These are excellent times for selfies, because the cloudy weather spreads the light, for smoothed-out hair and skin texture
  • INDOORS: Natural light is the way to go here, so shoot near a window, and avoid artificial lighting...and the sickly yellow and green tints it can give your pics3

Finally, a word about backlighting.

Working with a light source set behind you can result in some striking images.

And when you’re facing that once-in-a-lifetime sunset, you want to preserve that beauty.

“When you’re shooting with this much intense light behind you, it’s crucial to keep that backlighting under control.”

Just be sure the backlighting isn’t going to make too high a contrast.

If you’re dealing with flyaway hairs, or fighting some frizz...

...strong backlighting is just going to highlight those you the kind of “hair halo” you want to avoid!4


One of the things we love so much about Instagram is its versatility.

With its plethora of filters, easy add-text and video functions, and photo-framing grid feature, you can create images that are fetching, funny, and genuinely powerful.

But if it’s truly distinctive, high-quality images you want, there is a better option than Instagram’s built-in camera...and it’s right in your hand.

Your smartphone’s own camera will give you much clearer, crisper images than the Instagram camera.

In fact, Apple actually maintains a whole Instagram hashtag called #shotoniphone, just to show off some of the incredible images you can craft with this camera.

So, if you want photos that will give you the strongest hair-flattering results…

...take those pictures with the phone’s camera, then import them to Instagram.

Those images will all be compatible with Instagram’s editing filters, to craft those shots to your own stunning specifications!5


One thing’s for sure:

The rise of social media sites and apps like Instagram has made life much more competitive.

Some days, it can seem like you’re in a competition with everyone you know for the most shares…the most comments...the most “likes.”

Now, to be fair, there’s no way to guarantee the hair-photo-enhancing methods we shared above will put you in the Instagram-follower stratosphere.

But, at the end of the’s really about creating photos that are liked by the people that matter most:

Your friends, your loved ones...and yourself.

And once you try these Instagram-improving hair and photography tips…

...we’re sure the result will be picture-perfect memory moments that’ll stay with you forever!



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