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Hair Talk

3 Tips for Fighting Static

3 Tips for Fighting Static

Today, we’re talking about one of your most persistent hairstyling dilemmas… STATIC

Several weeks ago, we launched our latest website feature: HAIR TALK.

This brand-new blog offers up-to-the-minute information and insight from the world of hair care…

...including DIYs, hair treatments and accessories you can make at home...and “Pro-Tips,” where we ask top professional stylists your most vital hair questions. 


As you might imagine, we were very excited to find out what you thought of HAIR TALK.

And we’re delighted that you are loving what you see!

Hundreds of messages are pouring in, thanking us for the professional wisdom and multipurpose, no-nonsense styling tips.

But that’s not all:

You’ve also shared your own personal hair care concerns…

...letting us know exactly what you’d like to see in future HAIR TALK editions.

So today, we’re going to talk about one of your most persistent hairstyling dilemmas… so consistently frustrating, it’s enough to make your hair stand on end...literally!

We’re talking, of course, about:


“Even though it makes your hair stand-up, static is not as scary as it looks!”

That’s right!

Among your messages, there have been dozens about the issue of static… electrical buildup in the air around you leads to unexpected shocks, clingy clothing...and of course, wildly out-of-control hair!

Naturally, the last thing you need, after lavishing your hair with such care and attention, is to have that splendid style sabotaged by something as common as static electricity.

So here, in response to your many requests, are some tips for combating static.

These tricks and techniques will keep your hair looking electrifying...not electrified!


First, a little bit of science…

Static is caused when two objects rub together, swapping the electrons between them and creating a buildup of electricity.

And if that electricity doesn’t get released, it “charges up” your body...including your hair, causing it to fly out or stand on end.

Usually, if the air around you is moist, that built-up electricity just saps away.

But if you live in a dry climate, or experience weather that sucks humidity from the air…that electricity isn’t going anywhere.1

Fortunately, there’s a safe and simple way to fight dry-air static buildup around the house:

Just turn on a humidifier!

“These convenient, easy-to-operate home appliances are a powerful tool for fighting static’s effects.”

You can find both full-size and compact humidifiers at any big-box department store, as well as online.

All you have to do is fill the device with the right amount of water and hit the “on” switch.

As that moisturizing mist fills the air, it will steadily leach the static buildup from your hair… preserving your carefully crafted style!2


A humidifier is terrific for preventing at-home static.

But obviously, when you’ve got your style on don’t want to keep it out of the spotlight!

So, when you head out into the world, it’s important to know your tresses are full of healthy moisture.

And when it comes to keeping your hair hydrated, nothing’s more important than the products you use.

For maximum refreshing hydration, we recommend:

  • HYDRATING SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER: The wrong shampoo can strip your hair of natural oils. So, you always want to choose a shampoo and conditioner that replenish your hydration.  
  • LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: For fresher, static-protected locks, a leave-in conditioner is ideal. Not only does it keep your hair feeling lush and revitalized on between-washing days, it also maintains your natural moisture...for fortified anti-static effects!
  • HEAT PROTECTANT: When you use heat styling tools or blow-dry, you can rob your strands of hydrating oils...unless you keep those strands secure! A powerful protectant, like our Rival Heat Shield, locks in moisture while you style and dry.3

Any combination of these products will provide superior protection against static-aggravating dehydration.


Regular combing and brushing is outstanding for removing tangles and frizz.

So, you might be tempted to think it should have the same preventative effects for static.

But that’s not necessarily the case.

It turns out, the types of combs and brushes you choose will make a major difference when it comes to battling static.

You see, plastic combs and brushes do nothing to absorb the electrical buildup in your hair.

In fact, there’s scientific evidence to suggest plastic combs can actually make your static problems worse!

“They look harmless enough...but plastic combs are actually priming your hair for static buildup!”

That’s why, if static is a persistent problem for you, we recommend choosing only brushes and combs with metal teeth or bristles.

Metal is far more conductive than plastic, helping it absorb electricity...and its ability to build up and create static.

It’s also a good idea, before you comb or brush, to apply some hairspray to the tool.

The combination of the right styling comb or brush, with the hair-revitalizing effects of the spray, will go a long way to fend off static’s effects on your hairstyle.4


We hope these straightforward, easy-to-try techniques will keep static at bay, no matter where you live.

Of course, since static’s effects on your hair are clearly a major concern for you, we’re sure you’ve developed your own reliable methods for facing this hairstyling problem.

If so...give us a shout out, and let us know how you stop static from destroying your hard hairstyling work.

We’ll share your top tips in a future HAIR TALK column.

We always want this to be a place you know you can visit when you need it the most…

...for the information and insight YOU demand, so your hair can stand out...without standing up!



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