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Star-Spangled Style: A DIY Red White & Blue Headband

Star-Spangled Style: A DIY Red White & Blue Headband

To give your locks a sunny touch of patriotic pride… ...we’ve got a cute and colorful red-white-and-blue headband you can make yourself!

We’re just a few days away from the unofficial start of summer…

...which also means, of course, a trio of patriotic holidays are right around the corner!

This Monday is Memorial Day...a chance to remember and commemorate our soldiers.

Then, on June 14, it’s Flag Day...the “birthday” of the Stars and Stripes.

And of course, just a few weeks later, it’s everyone’s favorite fireworks-poppin’ celebration of independence...the Fourth of July!

“Watching those fireworks light up the sky is a highlight of any Fourth of July celebration!”


So...what special events have you got planned for these red-white-and-blue festivities?

Are you hosting a picnic or barbecue...checking out the local street fair...or maybe even high- stepping in a holiday parade?

Whatever you’ve got in store for these three days of all-American fun, we’re sure you want to look your most flag-wavingly fabulous…

...and that includes your hair!

So, to give your locks a sunny touch of patriotic pride…

...we’ve got a cute and colorful red-white-and-blue headband you can make yourself!

“Show everyone how much you love the USA with this quick, fun-to-make bandana headband!”

Putting together this standout holiday hair accessory is like child’s play.

In fact...why not try sharing this clear and simple craft with your own daughters?

That way, you and your favorite girls can celebrate the USA with color-coordinated pizzazz!


The good news is, you only need a handful of easy-to-find materials to craft these headbands.

Plus, you can assemble them either using your sewing machine...or hot glue, for a swift, no-sew project!

Here’s all you have to use to create these homemade headbands:

  • Red, white, and blue bandanas (one in each color)
  • One-half-inch-wide elastic
  • Sewing machine and thread, OR hot glue gun and glue sticks


Putting together these patriotic hair accessories can be done in mere minutes.

Here’s how:

  1. First, cut a three-inch wide strip from each bandana.
  2. Then, fold one edge of each of the strips, so it has a “W” shape, then stack the strips together.
  3. Put one end of the elastic in the middle of the stack, with about a half-inch to an inch of the elastic within the stack.
  4. Sew or glue the layers of the stack together.
  5. Then, braid the bandana fabric, just like you’d braid three sections of hair. Make the braids tight or loose, depending on how slim or wide you want the headband.
  1. To determine how snug the headband should be, try it on after braiding, then trim the elastic to fit.
  2. Finally, sew or glue the trimmed edge of the elastic to the other, now-braided end of the headband.1

And you’re all set...with a fun, fresh way to fly your summer holiday colors!


Of course, one of the exciting things about this headband design is that it’s not just for patriotic holidays.

Mixing and matching your bandana colors makes this an ideal accessory for a wealth of occasions.

You can use autumnal shades, like orange and deep brown, for understated Thanksgiving style…

...or try red, green, and white, to give your hair a dash of DIY Christmas cheer.

You can even use gold, silver, and white, to watch the ball drop and ring in the New Year.

And, of course, feel free to make this an everyday style...with any patterns and colors you love!

But no matter what special sparkle you choose to bring to this hair accessory motif…

...we hope it helps you show off your hair in feel-good seasonal fashion…

...and make any day you and your loved ones wear it into the most special of occasions!


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