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7 Ways To Spring Into A New Hair Care Routine-L'ange Hair

7 Ways To Spring Into A New Hair Care Routine

Here are 7 tips to help you change up your hair care routine and keep your hair looking gorgeous as we transition from winter to spring!

As winter slowly draws to a close, many of us are ecstatic at the thought of warmer weather.

The prospects of traveling to far away places, music festival and wedding season—this balmy time of year gives us much to look forward to!

While we’re mentally ready to transition from winter to spring, our hair may need a little help.

As we enter the warmer seasons, you may start to notice an oilier scalp, hair that’s lacking volume or your color may be fading quicker than usual.

Fear not, we’ve got you covered with 7 tips that will help you spring into a new routine that will keep your hair looking stunning!

-1- Start Off With A Snip

cutting long hair

This is the perfect time to start with a clean slate. Head to your stylist and ask for a trim to get rid of dull, dry, damaged ends.

You’ll automatically start off the season with a healthier, more voluminous head of hair!

-2- Detangle Before You Wash

Make a habit of gently brushing your hair before you hop in the shower to remove any tangles.

Hair is more prone to breakage when it’s wet, so removing the knots while it’s dry will help save your strands.

L'ange Siena Flexi Brush

Using a detangling brush like the Siena Flexi or Siena Wide vented brushes will nix knots and tangles and are super gentle so as not to cause any damage to your hair.

-3- Lighten Up Your Cleansing Routine

Springtime is an excellent time to switch up your shampoo and conditioner. Now that the freezing cold has passed, your hair isn’t losing moisture the way it does mid-winter.

Try a lightweight, hydrating shampoo and conditioner duo that cleanses the scalp and adds body.

L'ange Cascade Blowout Shampoo

Cascade and Slické Blowout Shampoo and Conditioner is a great choice for gently cleansing and hydrating while removing impurities and leaving your hair shiny, healthy and full of volume.

They’re both sulfate-free so they will help to extend the life of your hair color.

-4- Safeguard Strands Before (and After) You Swim

Woman floating in water

Spring break is almost here, and that means pool parties and plenty of opportunities to take a dip in the ocean.

If you already have your swimsuit picked out, it’s time you chose a few handy products to protect your hair from the chlorine and salt water.

Applying a hydrating hair masque before you swim is an good way to prevent the ocean or pool water from penetrating the hair shaft, and leaving your hair prone to dry-out or your worse, turning green.L'ange Borago Hair Masque

A deep conditioning masque like Borago will nourish strands with amino acid-, keratin-, and ceramide-rich borage oil while you swim.

You’ll emerge from the water with silky, soft, protected strands.

L'ange Dreamy Purifying Shampoo

Another way to protect your hair and your color is to use a clarifying shampoo like Dreamy Purifying Shampoo 1-2 times per month to help rid your hair of harsh chlorine, product buildup, oil and deep cleanse the scalp.

-5- Protect Your Skin (And Hair) From Harmful UV Rays

woman wearing sun hat in swimming pool

We know the importance of using sunscreen on our skin when we go out in the sun, but did you know that your hair needs UV protection as well?

Using hair care products with built-in UV protection helps to keep your color fresh and prevent your hair from drying out under the sun’s harmful rays. L'ange Rival Heat Shield
A heat protectant spray before heat styling like Rival Heat Shield will protect your hair from blow-drying as well as curling and flat ironing.

It also adds a layer of protection against UV light and other environmental stressors.L'ange Posh Hair Polish

Another styling product that will protect you from your hot tools and the sun is Posh Hair Polish.

This lightweight serum cuts down on dry time, adds glossy shine and smooths strands as it protects!

A great and stylish way to protect your hair (and your face) from the sun is a chic sun hat. Find yourself a wide-brimmed hat that you love and take it with you every time you hit the pool.

-6- Arm Yourself With Tools To Tame Frizz Anytime, Anywhere

Even though spring brings us warmer temperatures, it can also bring us April (May, or June) showers.

woman in rain

Getting caught in an unexpected rainstorm can leave us with pesky, frizzy hair.

Keeping a small kit of frizz necessities in your purse or your car can help eliminate the problem before it gets out of hand.

Some essentials include: bobby pins, rubber bands and a lightweight shine spray like Managé Marula Oil Hair Mist to help tackle frizz and flyaways on-the-go.L'ange Manage Marula Oil

A few sprays is all you need to smooth, re-hydrate, and tame unruly hair.

After spritzing, try twisting your hair into a sleek bun, messy top-knot or simple side braid—you’ll have all the tools you need on hand and no one will notice any frizz.

-7- Keep It Light, Keep It Bright

blonde women on rooftop

Springtime is also a great excuse to lighten our locks!

With all the time spent alfresco, a little balayage or some highlights are a great compliment to this sun-kissed season.

Sun exposure and swimming can cause your golden strands to turn brassy.L'ange Glace Purple Toning Shampoo

Try a purple shampoo like Glacé Cool Toning Shampoo to cancel out those unwanted warm tones in your blonde, highlighted or bleached hair and keep it shiny, healthy and bright. 

Learn more about purple shampoos and what they'll do for your hair HERE.  


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