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6 Reasons Why You Should Be Sleeping On Silk-L'ange Hair

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Sleeping On Silk

Hint: You’ll enjoy better skin, hair, sleep—and you’ll feel like a princess!

Here at L’ange, we strive to bring you the best hair care and styling tools around. (We’re also fans of extending a blowout for as long as possible to save you time and energy!)

As we broaden our collection to feature even more amazing products to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, we felt a silk collection was the natural next step.

You see, silk offers a wealth of benefits and rough, scritchy, traditional cotton bedding just can’t compare.

So, if you’re on the fence about making this important hair, skin and sleep investment, read on for some of the best reasons to make the switch. 


1- Buh-Bye Bedhead

Silk fabric is soft and smooth to the touch—this means that your hair glides easily over the pillowcase without any friction to rough up the strands. 


A long time staple for curly-haired gals, silk fabric helps to decrease frizz and tangles that cause damage to the hair and leave you with a massive case of bedhead!


If you took the time from your busy schedule to wash and style your hair, or (gulp) shelled out for a professional blowout, make the most of your time (and money!) and treat yourself to a pillowcase that will help preserve your style.


2- Cool As a Cucumber

Silk is an excellent temperature regulator...this means it keeps you cool when it’s warm and warm when it’s cool. 


Base layer snow clothing is often made from silk because of its adaptive properties, in particular keeping you comfy and free from sweat when you’re in freezing temperatures. 


Silk is an ultra-breathable fabric, which means you won’t need to keep flipping the pillow over in summer, searching for the cool side—both sides will remain cool and comfy!


For this reason, women going through menopause find that silk is one of the comfiest fabrics for them to sleep on when suffering through hot flashes. 



3- Farewell Facial Creases (and Other Skin Woes)

Ever wake up from an amazing night’s rest (or a terrible one, where you toss and turn all night long) and end up with pillow marks around your cheeks and eyes?


These “sleep creases” are caused by the friction of a rough pillowcase through gravity or excessive motion while you catch zzz’s. 


Though they aren’t necessarily the culprit for wrinkles, this behavior in the long run can lead to wrinkles through prolonged exposure to friction. 


When you switch to silk, the fabric simply glides over the delicate skin of your face, reducing tugging and the likelihood of forming facial creases. 


If you have sensitive skin or rosacea, silk is far gentler, non-abrasive, and less likely to cause flare-ups.



4- Ditch the Dryness

Cotton is prized for its absorbent properties—in fact, it can absorb many times its own weight in liquid! 


When you sleep on a cotton pillowcase, those same absorbent properties apply...and have a tendency to soak up the moisture in your hair and skin (i.e. your expensive serums and face creams!). 


Silk is far less absorbent, so it won’t strip the moisture from where you need it. 


Even more, if your hair or skin suffer from dehydration or static in the winter months, silk will help make this dry season a little more bearable.


So let’s face it, dry, depleted skin and hair lack radiance, bounce and vitality, which makes switching to silk a no-brainer. 

 5- Hypoallergenic for Your Health

Silk is a natural fabric...and mulberry silk is touted as the “cadillac” of all silk fabrics. 


It is unique in the fact that there is minimal space between the individual silk fibers which account for its luxurious texture. 


This also makes it difficult for dust mites and other allergens to sit on the surface without gliding right off, which means allergy sufferers may be able to sleep and breathe a little easier at night when they switch from cotton pillowcases. 



6- Recharge Like Royalty

And let’s face it, silk feels amazing. The smooth, cooling fabric surrounds your body and creates a tranquil space that primes your body for sleep. 


When you sleep better, it shows. Better sleep can result in clearer, brighter, healthier-looking skin. 


Because the pillows are a pretty upgrade to your bedding, you may find yourself washing them more frequently to keep them in pristine condition. Cleaner pillowcases also help keep your skin clear and healthy. 


So whether you’re a heavy sleeper or a troubled sleeper, and would like a more relaxing and rejuvenating night’s sleep, give silk a whirl—your skin and hair will thank you!  



The L’ange Silk Collection

We wanted to bring you the highest quality silk products to help keep your hair and skin happy and healthy, which is why we chose to use durable, yet lightweight 100% mulberry silk. 

Our collection features: pillowcases, scrunchies and a sleep mask

The Silk Pillowcases will truly elevate your hair & your bed game! They feature a stay-put envelope design and are offered in white and our signature blush hue. The soft, luxurious fabric feels cool and comfy against your skin and help you awaken to smoother, sleeker strands and less pillow marks on your face. 

The Silk Scrunchies are a truly gentle and comfortable hair accessory! These blush hair ties are a beautiful, tug-free option for stylishly pulling your hair up or wearing loosely at bedtime to help preserve your blowout. 

Lastly, we offer the blush Silk Sleep Mask! Block out sleep-disrupting light and treat yourself to some truly restorative sleep. The lightweight, soft and breathable mask is designed to minimize friction and tugging, so it won’t disrupt your hair or face. Wear it every night or make sure to tuck it into your travel bag for a luxurious sleep experience everywhere you go!

So if you’re tired of sleep creases, bedhead and waking up not feeling rested, treat yourself to some silk #selfcare…it may just make all the difference in the world. 

If you are loving the Silk Collection, please share your photos with us! Please tag us @langehair and @getlange, using hashtag #langelocks!




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