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Hair Talk

How To Pack Your Hair Care Products Like A Pro
posted at From a weekend getaway to two weeks abroad, keep your hair looking gorgeous ever time you leave town! Here are some of the best packing tips to keep your suitcase light and your hair on point.
Here’s Why You Should Be Using A Multipurpose Beauty Oil
posted at Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a natural beauty product you could use from head to toe?  Enter: Smoothe Healing Oil, a lightweight, oil-based hair and body softener that can be used on your hair AND your body.
6 Tips to Fight Frizz for Curly Hair
posted at If you have curly hair, you know taking care of it isn’t exactly easy…Especially since no two women’s curls are exactly the same! So, while finding the perfect combo of products to nourish and cherish these curls might not be simple, it isn’t worth whipping out the straightener just yet!
How To Switch Up Your Hair Routine in Winter
posted at Sure, it can sound silly to switch up hair routine from summer to winter, but truth be told... it’s isn’t at all!  During these colder months, your strands typically get much drier and more prone to frizziness and damage from the elements.
Stylists Share Their Hairstyling Horror Stories
posted at We asked a group of seasoned styling veterans: “In all your years as a stylist, what’s the most horrifying hair disaster you’ve encountered?”