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Pro Tips For Dreamy Beach Wedding Hair

The beach is one of the most popular wedding locations, but it can put your hair to the test. So we asked a team of prestige professional stylists: “What are your top styling tips for a beach-wedding bride?”


And right now, all over the country, women just like you are preparing for that blissful day.

If you’re prepping and planning right along with them you know what an undertaking it truly is. One of the key challenges of a contemporary wedding is the variety of imaginative settings. Gone are the days when it was simply a matter of calling up your church and booking a time. Now, weddings are held in rustic meadows antique barns even at sea!

And every single one of these exceptional venues presents fresh new issues for your dress, your makeup and, of course, your hair!


beach wedding kiss moment


“What could be more picture-book romantic than a wedding down by the waves?”) 

Naturally, during the summer, the beach is one of the most popular wedding locations.

That combination of pristine sand, majestic waves, and sparkling sunshine makes for images that will stay in your memories for all time. But if you’ve ever spent even one day at the shore, you know how it can put your hair to the test.

And if it’s a challenge keeping your locks fresh and voluminous on a typical beachside day what can you expect for your wedding...when you’re reaching for your personal peak of ravishing glamour?

So, to add some extra expertise to your wedding beauty planner, we asked a team of prestige professional stylists:

“What are your top styling tips for a beach-wedding bride?”

Their suggestions will help ensure that when you walk down that sandy aisle… won’t be the view taking their breath away!



Beach wedding beauty and hair is such a distinctive discipline, there are stylists that have made it their top specialty. One such stylist is Cari Collinsworth. Her company, KyleLynn Weddings, serves beach brides throughout Florida and the West Coast. The top advice Collinsworth has for beachside bridal beauty:

Work with what you’ve got!

“My number one tip,” she says, “would be to not fight your natural hair type / texture!”

She points out that everyone’s hair carries its own particular styling strengths and your wedding-day look will be most memorable when you know those strengths, and sculpt a style that enhances them.

Beach Wedding Hair


“What’s your hair’s texture or type? Get to know it...and find the styles that show it off right!”

For example, says Collinsworth, “If you have super-fine, stick-straight hair...don’t wear your hair down with ‘loose waves.’ It will not hold!” Collinsworth suggests trying those waves “pinned up into a low-swept updo. You’ll get the soft style you wanted, but everything will be pinned in place to last all day and night in the humidity.” In short, before you select the style you’ll be seeing in wedding photos for the rest of your life, consult with your own stylist and know your hair’s capabilities and develop a look that will hold throughout the ceremony, with elegance and panache!



When it comes to a beach wedding, you’re not the only one in charge of the planning.

There’s another factor making decisions for that can make or break your bridal beach hairstyle: The weather!

Lydia Redmond, director of weddings for the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida, offers a host of styling ideas for beautiful beach-wedding tresses. The key, she says, is to go for a look that’s resilient and adaptable to all weather conditions.

blonde haired woman checking out the venue

 “Not every day at the beach is sunny and make sure your hair is ready to face the forecast!”

“A classic Hollywood glam style, with structured waves framing the face,” is Redmond’s sharp suggestion for lending your style some vintage all-weather pizzazz. Just set those waves with a touch of strong-holding hairspray, and your look will be timeless! Or, if you’re at your most striking in an updo, Redmond chooses a simply chic, extra-volumized ballerina bun.

brunette model posing in wedding dress

She calls this “a classic style for summer or outdoor brides that is virtually weatherproof.”

Of course, you may be in luck, and the weather report calls for a dry day down by the shore. In that instance, “beachy waves are beautiful on brides for a more casual wedding,” says Redmond.2

The major takeaway from these tips for the best beach wedding hair:

Choose a style that won’t fight the forecast but instead, makes it an ally in creating your most stunning bridal look!



It’s hard to think of a ceremony more steeped in age-old traditions than a wedding.

From the venerable language of the vows, to the tossing of rice and the bridal bouquet so much of what goes into a wedding has been trusted and passed down for centuries! But when it comes to setting your wedding hairstyle some traditions were made to be broken!

This comes from veteran bridal stylist Claire Nicole, who works out of Berkshire, England and really, who’d know more about beach weddings than a stylist who lives on an island? Nicole’s principal point concerns a longstanding, but outmoded, styling belief.

“With the choice of styling products we now have available,” she says, “it’s such a dated view that hair needs to be a day old to style it.”

For decades, you see, it’s been commonly believed that, in order to maximize styling ease, it should be at least a day since you last washed your hair. But Nicole says choosing a quality shampoo and conditioner makes skipping that washing unnecessary.

Modern salon-grade shampoo treatment

“Modern salon-grade shampoos and conditioners can ensure a freshly washed mane will still hold a dazzling style!”

Naturally, the keyword here is “quality.”

“Cheaper shampoos coat the hair,” says Nicole, “giving the impression it’s in good condition, when really, it’s dehydrated, and this will cause tangles in breezy beach scenarios.”

So opt for a shampoo and conditioner that will lock in lush, well-moisturized strands.

With the right products, says Nicole, “If my bride feels comfortable washing her hair the morning of the wedding, that’s good for me.”3


A woman’s wedding is something she dreams of, and plans for, her entire life.

So, when it comes to achieving bridal perfection, nothing less than the best should do. That means, if your fantasy involves sandy dunes and a salty breeze kissing your cheek you owe it to yourself to ensure your hair rises to this most special of occasions.

With the suggestions our talented salon professionals have shared, one thing is for sure:

Your style will be one more perfect part of the most memorable day you’ll ever have!



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