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Keep Flyaway Hair Under Control With this DIY Agave Nectar Solution

Keep Flyaway Hair Under Control With this DIY Agave Nectar Solution

We’re here today with a quick and easy, all-natural DIY treatment for smoothing the flyaway hair that's caused by static electricity.

It can happen to all of us:

You pull on your trusty workout sweatshirt before your morning run...or take off your hat when you get to work…

...and you’re sporting a crown of frantic-looking, frizzy hairs sticking straight up off your scalp!

This is called static flyaway, and it’s a common side effect when you combine electrically charged friction with cool, dry fall and winter weather.

Red head woman in a blue tanktop

“Halloween’s only one day a don’t want to spend all fall and winter looking like you’ve just been scared!”


You see, when non-similar materials, like your hair and the fabrics of your favorite chilly-weather wear, rub against one another, electrons get passed from one surface to the other.

But your hair is not a strong natural conductor of electricity.

This isn’t a problem on high-humidity spring and summer days, because the moisture in the air saps that electric buildup from your locks.

But in fall and winter, you’re dealing with a combination of colder temperatures and drier, low-humidity air.

And when that happens, the excess electricity has nowhere to the charged strands on the surface layer of your hair start to repel the uncharged strands.

This causes them to stand on you an unsightly finger-in-a-wall-socket look!1


Naturally, you don’t want to spend the next six months dealing with a literally hair-raising styling situation!

And that’s why we’re here today with a quick and easy, all-natural DIY treatment for smoothing your flyaway hair… that won’t plaster your tresses to your head...or leave them hanging heavy and lifeless!

The power of this handmade smoothing solution lies in nature’s sweetest hair nurturer:


The blue Agave plant

“The blue agave plant, which grows in rocky volcanic soil, is the best for producing agave nectar.”

Agave is a tropical plant that grows in the southwestern United States, Mexico, and South America.

Its amazingly sweet nectar is revered all over the world as a healthy alternative to both refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

But agave nectar can please more than your taste’s also a dynamic fighter of static- aggravated flyaway hairs!  

That’s because this nectar is a natural humectant...meaning it attracts and locks in moisture.

And because dry, brittle hair is much more prone to static buildup...and the flyaway hairs it causes…

...keeping your hair well-moisturized is crucial for fighting the flyaway blues!

That’s where agave nectar fits in…

...drawing in the extra moisture to keep your chilly-weather hair smooth, sleek, and manageable…

...while adding a touch of much-needed gray-sky-defying luster and shine!2


To give agave nectar’s flyaway-fighting powers some extra support…

...this treatment also includes olive oil...loaded with enriching vitamins to keep your follicles growing stronger, thicker hair.3

Natural Grapeseed Oil

“Olive oil offers your hair plenty of essential nutrients to stimulate your follicles...and help them grow lush, full-bodied tresses!”

You’ll also find grapeseed oil...a natural astringent that battles scalp irritation and inflammation… two nasty enemies of healthy hair growth!

Combining the hair-nurturing magic of these three ingredients...which you can find easily at your favorite grocery store, health food store, or online…’ll never have to worry about flyaway frustrations spoiling this crisp cool weather!


For the best results, this treatment can be incorporated into your regular hair-washing cycle.

All you need is:

  • ¼ cup of agave nectar
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon of grapeseed oil

Green and Red Grapes and a Bottle of Grapeseed Oil

“The astringent properties of grapeseed oil help keep your scalp free of excess oils, abrasions, and other hair-damaging buildup.”

And here’s how you make and apply this flyaway-thwarting solution:

  1. Combine the agave nectar, olive oil, and grapeseed oil in a small bowl, and mix until well-blended.
  2. Massage the mixture through your dry, unwashed hair, and comb it through to the ends.
  3. Then, cover your hair with a shower cap or a hot towel.
  4. Allow the mixture to set in your hair for 15 minutes.
  5. Rinse the mixture from your hair with warm water.
  6. Then, shampoo and condition as normal.5

Make this agave-powered treatment a regular part of your fall and winter hair care routine, and not only will you find those flyaway problems a thing of the past…

...your hair will also enjoy a touchably soft, glossy sheen to brighten even the most wintry day!


The fall and winter months are time to break out some of your coziest, most comfortable apparel.

But those fluffy sweaters, snuggly-warm pullovers, and sporty hoodies can also leave you wearing wild, hard-to-tame flyaway hair!

We hope this homemade agave nectar hair smoothing treatment keeps flyaway strands from cramping your fall-and-winter style…

...and lets you savor all the fashion comforts the season has to offer!



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