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Hair Talk

Women Inspiring Women: Meet Abby

Women Inspiring Women: Meet Abby

“I am quirky. I am creative. I am freckles. I am Abby.”

“I am quirky. I am creative. I am freckles. I am Abby.”



Born and raised in Sidney, Ohio, Abby is passionate about helping others and giving back to her community. The product developer is heavily involved in local animal shelters and is a proud pitbull and cat mama. Artistic and quirky by nature, she is a CBD enthusiast who works to educate the masses on this wildly effective ingredient. Though it’s been a journey to self-love, she knows her worth and has learned to remain true to herself. Abby is warm, kind, and funny...she also gives us major #bangsgoals. 


How would you describe your current relationship with your hair?

I’m learning to love my hair. I spent a lot of time hating it growing up, now I’m learning to embrace it. 


Growing up, how did you feel about your hair? How has this evolved?

I’ve always struggled with my hair...I used to wish I had less. I was always the only girl in my class with black hair (everyone else was blonde). 


How did your family/the media shape your views about hair?

I have a condition where I gray quickly, and I’ve always felt pressured to color my hair or to be someone different than I naturally am. It was a struggle going into adulthood and as I get older. 

As a kid, I noticed everyone in tv shows, movies, and in print looked a certain way. It’s very different now—we’re seeing different models, hair types, and textures which is amazing. It’s a very different world from the one I grew up in. 


What was your a-ha moment when it came to understanding and identifying unrealistic beauty standards?

I dyed my hair because someone else told me I should. I felt so bad afterwards. I didn’t like myself. Everytime I looked in the mirror, I was reminded of why I didn’t dye my hair. I dyed my hair to look good for someone else, but now I’m learning to leave it to look (and feel) good for myself. 


What makes you feel confident?

Red lipstick. Being able to answer a question or make a decision and not worrying about what someone else is going to say or think. This is something I often reflect on after the fact and think, damn, I’m awesome! 


What do you love most about your hair?

My bangs! I just love them. Sometimes they’re down, sometimes they’re pushed back, to the side, etc...Either way, they’re sassy. I’ve always had my bangs—since I was 3. I grew them out once and it was a really bad phase. 


Which is your favorite L’ange product? What do you love most about it?

The Le Rêve Flat Iron. I love that I can curl, straighten, and make my bangs nice and flat. It makes me feel awesome. 

I also love the Dreamy Shampoo. I use it 1 - 2 times a month and it gives me such a deep cleanse. It makes my scalp feel like heaven!


How do you express your individuality through your hair?

I love constantly trying new hairstyles that utilize my hair as it is. I like to add a little flare, whether it’s trying a different style, accessory, curling it, or something to always keep it fresh. 


What is the nicest compliment you’ve received about your hair?

That it looks healthy and un-damaged. Not hair-related, but a woman in Mexico recently told me I have good freckles! 


What is a negative remark about your hair that’s stuck with you to this day?

You have so much of it that you look like a wolf.


What would you like to share with the next generation that you wish you had known growing up? 

Fads come and what YOU like. What everyone else thinks will be out of style in a week.


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To learn more about Abby’s go-to products, check out  Le Rêve and Dreamy here.