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Baby On the Way? You NEED These Hair Care Tips!

Baby On the Way? You NEED These Hair Care Tips!

Today, I actually want to share some love...and some special hair care wisdom...with a singular group of amazing ladies: Mothers-to-be.

Here at L’ange, we pride ourselves in always putting family first.

Our salon-quality styling products and tools are made not only so you can have the healthy, fashionable hair you’ve been dreaming of.

They’re also for sharing with your sisters, your daughters, your gal-pal cousins…

...and of course, last but never, ever least…

...with your mom.

Mothers are truly a one-of-a-kind sisterhood…and without them, none of us would be here at all.


But today, I actually want to share some love...and some special hair care wisdom...with a singular group of amazing ladies:


The National Center for Health Statistics says the U.S. averages nearly four million births every year. (1)

That means, in 2017, a new baby was born about every eight seconds! (2)

That’s a lot of expectant mommies!


As you know if you have kids yourself…or if you’re one of those nearly four million soon-to-be mothers…

…over the course of your pregnancy, the needs of your hair change quite a bit.

So, if you fall into this category…

…here are five valuable tips for expectant mothers…just when you need them the most!


There’s so much to keep track of with a baby on the way…

…sometimes, even a part of your routine as basic as shampooing can slip through the cracks.

So, to stay feeling fresh and clean, I recommend you shampoo your hair at least once per week…twice, if it suits your schedule.

Also, since you’ll likely be washing your hair less often than usual, it’s a good idea to condition every time you wash. (3)

And for those days when a full washing just isn’t possible…

…that’s where dry shampoo fits in.

“Our Déjà Vu dry shampoo is a perfect way to keep your prenatal hair feeling clean and looking shiny.”

L’ange’s Déjà Vu dry shampoo, for example, is formulated to go on clear. That means you won’t have to worry about that white residue caking up your hair.


Your body’s going to go through major changes during your pregnancy…and that includes your hair.

Most expectant women find their hair feels fuller and thicker.

That’s because when you’re pregnant, your body naturally produces more estrogen.

As a result, you lose hair more slowly than usual. (Most women lose about 100 hairs every day.)

So, you may not be growing more hair…you just might be losing less of it!

The flip side, of course, is that you might notice more postpartum hair loss, as your shedding cycle returns to normal.

This should resolve itself in about a year or so following birth. If problems persist, or if it seems you’re losing an especially heavy amount of hair, consult with your doctor. (4)


There are different opinions about whether it’s safe to color or chemically treat your hair when you’re pregnant.

The truth is, common chemicals used in coloring, curling, and relaxing your hair have been shown in some studies to be safe for pregnancy use. That’s because only a small amount of these treatments is likely to be absorbed by your skin.

On the other hand, you may be uncomfortable potentially exposing your baby to any uncommon chemicals.

Fortunately, there are safer alternatives for giving your hair a color and style boost.

These include:

  • Highlights…the dye is only applied to your hair strands, never your scalp
  • Pure vegetable dyes, like henna
  • Patch testing, to make sure you’re not allergic to any chemicals you plan to use
  • Skipping eyebrow bleaching or dyeing, to reduce the risk of swelling or infection
  • Waiting until at least the second trimester to dye or treat your hair (5)


One of the most complex things about pregnancy is that hormonal changes affect every woman differently.

While some women get thicker, heavier hair when they’re expecting…

…you could just as easily find your hair thinning, becoming brittle…or falling out.

What’s more, you’re even likelier to lose your hair from over-combing it when you’re pregnant… especially if you comb when it’s wet.

For this reason, you want to be sure during your pregnancy, you only comb your hair when it’s dry. (6)

Use a blow dryer to get your hair dry enough to comb it without risk.

And to make sure your hair doesn’t take too much heat, which can also cause damage, choose a device, like my Triomphe Hair Dryer, with an easy-to-use adjustable heat setting.  


One area of pregnancy hair care where you’ll find a lot of different opinions is about whether or not to cut your hair.

I do recommend that if you are considering getting your hair cut during pregnancy…give it some real serious thought.

You might be thinking that a sleek new look will be a nice complement to this huge change in your life.

Or you might be mulling over a low-maintenance style…for less worry when the baby arrives.

My suggestion is to really measure your reasons for this hairstyle change…and make sure your mind is truly made up, before you grab the scissors or head for the salon.

Hormonal changes affect your thinking as well. And you don’t want a spur-of-the-moment choice leaving you stuck with an unsatisfying look.

In fact, you may wish to consider waiting until after your deliver to switch up your style.

That way, your updated ‘do will help you feel fresh and renewed…an effective defense against possible post-partum depression feelings. (7)

So remember:

Those weeks and months when you’re getting ready to welcome a new arrival can be among the most beautiful of your life.

And by following these practical, no-hassle hair tips while you’re expecting…

…you can be sure that when that special little someone arrives, the first person they meet will look and feel her very finest!

“Looking great helps you feel great, too...and that’s good for you and your baby!”




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