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7 Ways to Pull Your Look Together With Hair Clip Styles

7 Ways to Pull Your Look Together With Hair Clip Styles & Accessories

If the thought of wearing hair accessories feels a bit daunting, and you’re not quite sure where to start, we’ve got some inspiration for you. Read ahead for seven simple styles to incorporate L’ange hair accessories and take your hairstyles to the next level.

Hair Clip Styles & Accessories: Back and We’re Loving It!

Perhaps you’ve noticed that hair accessories have recently made a comeback. Having gained popularity in the 90s, hair clips, barrettes, and scrunchies (to name a few) are once again becoming the preferred method for stylishly pulling one’s hair back. 

Hair accessories are great because they can really tie an outfit together—at the same time, they have the ability to add polish and style to your hair (even if it’s been days since you washed it). 

L’ange has now entered the hair accessory game—offering a variety of chic, shiny options, at prices you can afford. And there is so much you can do with hair accessories...from adding small accents, to pulling your hair half or all the way up. 

If the thought of using hair accessories feels a bit daunting, and you’re not quite sure where to start, we’ve got some inspiration for you. Read ahead for seven simple styles to incorporate L’ange hair accessories and take your hairstyles to the next level. 

7 Easy Hairstyles with Hair Clips & Accessories:


Vintage Glam


Vintage Glam Hair Clip Style


One of the simplest styles that you can accentuate with hair accessories is a throwback to the big screen starlets of the 1940s. Try it for your next party or girl’s night out! 


To get these vintage-inspired Hollywood waves, start with previously dried hair. Using a 1.25” Ondulé Wand, wrap hair in large sections, let the curls slide to release, and then cool in the palm of your hand. 


Once your hair has cooled and your curls have set, gently brush through with the Siena Nylon Bristle with Boar Paddle Brush to help break up the curls and coax them into sleek, shiny waves. 

Next, use a rat tail comb to create a deep part on one side of your head. Apply the pins or barrettes of your choice to the side with less hair. Finish the look with a light misting of Trois Chic Three Way Hairspray to help lock everything into place.


Heavenly Half-Up 


Heavenly Half-Up Hair Clip on Blonde Hair


This style is also easy to recreate and is great for date night, or for going out to brunch with your girlfriends. Start by applying a lightweight shine spray, like Lustér Spray Laminate to add shine and tame frizz. 


Horizontally section the top ⅓ of your hair and pull out a few of the face-framing pieces. Twist the top section and fasten with the snap clip of your choice. 


Use a 1.25” Lustre Wand to create loose, face-framing tendrils to round out this romantic style.


 Embellished Updo

Embellished Updo hair clip style

This style is perfect for a fancy dinner out, or to attend an outdoor wedding. Start with second day, previously curled hair.


Pro Tip: If styling freshly washed hair, use Déjà Vu Dry Shampoo to help give your hair a little texture to act like second day hair.


Leaving one large face-framing chunk of hair free, secure the rest into a low ponytail. Twist the ponytail into a loose bun (allowing the curls to remain visible) and insert bobby pins around the diameter to hold it into place. Take the section of hair that was left out and sweep it alongside the face until it joins with the bun. 

Use the clip of your choice to hold this section of hair, as well as to add a pop of color to the bun itself. To lock in the style while retaining a light, flexible hold, apply a few spritzes of Haute to Trot Hairspray.


Parted to Perfection 

Parted to Perfection hair style and clip


Here’s a great style and way to wear hair accessories if you are currently growing out your bangs (or are in serious need of a trim!). 


Using a rat tail comb, part your hair down the middle of your head. Approximately 1-2 inches from your part, insert a hair clip parallel with your part. Repeat this step on the opposite side of the part and voila! Couldn’t be simpler!


Polished Ponytail


Polished Ponytail hair clip style


This is another great look for hiding bang regrowth or camouflaging second (or third day hair!). Using a trusty rat tail comb, create a deep part and insert two hair pins into the larger section of hair, just between your ear and the tail of your eyebrow. 


If your bangs are resilient or you are prone to flyaways, try upping the ante by using Trois Chic Three Way Hairspray on the heaviest setting to lock those little hairs into place. 


Finish the look by securing your hair into a loose ponytail at the nape of the neck.


The Magic of Multiples


The Magic of Multiples hair style


This style is excellent when you’re going to be in hot weather and want a no muss, no fuss hairstyle to keep everything chic, and out of the way. 


Start with second day hair and apply a little Déjà Vu Dry Shampoo for some added texture and grip. The key to this style is to keep it messy and undone by varying the size of the sections you work with. 


Take a small section of hair on each side of your head and loosely secure it with a mini claw clip. Repeat this step with another set of hair sections,  just below the first pair. 


Under the second clipped section of hair, create a loose, messy braid from the nape of your neck, through the ends of your hair and secure with a claw clip. 


Take your remaining claw clips and place them throughout the braid, making sure to alternate sides and maintain a balanced look. 


Stacked & Chic


Stacked & Chic style


Much like the first hairstyle, you will start this look with a deep side part.


Pro Tip for Hair Clip Styles and Accesories:

You’ll find that this type of part works well with hair accessories because it gives you optimal space for showing them off, as well as for framing your face. 


On the larger section of hair, insert as few or as many hair clips as you would like. The key is to maintain similar spacing between each accessory and keep with a similar color scheme. 


The sky’s the limit with this can wear the ends down, in a ponytail, braid, or a bun! This cute daytime look is excellent for grabbing coffee or a shopping trip to your local farmers or flea market!

How Do You Rock L’ange Hair Accessories? We want to see! 


Which accessories do you have your eyes on? We want to see all the fun and fabulous styles you create with them! 

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