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How To Change Up Your Curls With Le Cinq-L'ange Hair

How To Change Up Your Curls With Le Cinq

Interchangeable Barrels Are Like Having 5 Wands In 1!

Stuck in a styling rut? Perhaps you’ve been using the same tool for a while now and are looking to change it up a bit.

If you’ve seen the Le Cinq 5-In-1 curling wand set, it may look a little daunting. But fear not, we’re here to show you how to use this special wand to create multitudes of looks using the uniquely-shaped barrels. 

Read ahead to learn the best tips and tricks for using Le Cinq, as well as what kind of curl each barrel will produce...

Prep For Success

Before styling, make sure to always prep your hair with something to shield it from the high heat of your tools. You can find our selection of multitasking heat protection products here


How To Use Your Le Cinq

Make sure your wand is completely cool before changing or inserting a new barrel. 


To remove an existing barrel from your wand, twist the barrel lock on the handle to the right until it reaches the unlock icon. 


Once in the unlocked position, pull out the barrel to remove. 


To insert a new barrel, line up the 3 black tabs with the 3 corresponding cutouts inside the top of the handle and push down firmly until it clicks into place. 


Twist the barrel lock to the left until it aligns with the lock icon. You are now ready to turn on your wand and style.


If desired, put the heat resistant glove on the hand that will be holding and wrapping your hair. 


Take a small, even strand of hair to begin (if you want loose waves or curls, use a larger section of hair). 


Place the base of the iron near the root of your hair, handle side up and tip facing downward. 


Starting at the base, begin winding your hair around the barrel. Keep your hair wrapped around the barrel for 5 to 10 seconds. 


Release hair, letting the curl slide out from around the iron. 


Let the hair cool, tousle with your fingers (or brush to style), and spray to set. 


By now you may be asking yourself, “which wand should I choose?” 

What’s Included With Le Cinq?

Le Cinq Includes:

  • 1 Blush Wand Base
  • 1 19mm | ¾ in
  • 1 25mm | 1 in
  • 1 32mm | 1 ¼ in
  • 1 19mm-25mm Tapered Barrel
  • 1 Bubble Shaped Barrel
  • 1 Heat-Resistant Glove
  • 1 Roll-Up Travel Pouch

What Type Of Curl Does Each Barrel Create?

The 19mm | ¾ in Barrel


What it is: The smallest barrel in the set 

What it does: Produces the tightest, longest-lasting curls 

Ideal for: Spirals, lots of volume & texture, those with hair that is hard to hold a curl

How to: Wrap, tousle, spray and go!

The 25mm | 1 in Barrel 


What it is: The medium-sized barrel 

What it does: Produces long-lasting, slightly less-tight curls than the 19mm barrel

Ideal for: Full curls, defined waves, vintage-inspired hairstyles

How to: Wrap, tousle, spray and go. To accentuate or relax the curls into waves, gently brush with the Siena Paddle Brush. If your hair is extra thick or coarse, try the Siena Paddle Brush With Boar for additional smoothing and to help distribute your hair’s natural oils.  

The 32mm | 1 ¼ in Barrel


What it is: The largest barrel in the set 

What it does: Produces medium-large curls and beachy waves

Ideal for: Loose, relaxed waves and curls, mermaid-inspired styles

How to: Wrap, tousle, spray, and go! Try a spritz of Salt + Séa Texturizing Spray to enhance the beachy texture.

The 19mm-25mm Tapered Barrel


What it is: A wand that flares from ¾ in at the base to 1 in at the tip

What it does: Produces a curl that is tighter at the roots and wider at the ends

Ideal for: Creating long-lasting, voluminous curls that stay defined and springy

How to: Wrap, tousle, spray and go! Try wrapping the hair in alternate directions to help create more volume.

The Bubble-Shaped Barrel


What it is: A wand that has pearl (or bubble) shaped projections with grooves in between 

What it does: Produces varied, natural-looking curls

Ideal for: Voluminous, lived-in curls (that look like you could have been born with them)

How to: Wrap, tousle, spray and go! Try varying the direction of the curls for fun texture and extra volume. 

Who Doesn’t Love Variety?

Now that you’ve seen how Le Cinq works, no more being stuck in a styling rut or not knowing what to do with your hair. 


Le Cinq provides you with everything you need to create any curly or wavy style you can dream up! 


5 unique barrels in 1 convenient, travel-friendly pouch makes it easy to change your mind, change up your hair. 


Let us know if you have any more questions about Le Cinq!

Send photos of the looks you create using the ultimate 5-in-1 styler and tag #langelocks @getlange and @langehair.