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How To Switch Up Your Hair Routine in Winter

Sure, it can sound silly to switch up hair routine from summer to winter, but truth be told... it’s isn’t at all!  

During these colder months, your strands typically get much drier and more prone to frizziness and damage from the elements.  

Because of the dry weather, protective masks and moisturizers should be your best friends this season!  

So today, I want to highlight for you some must-have L’ange products to help you out, and also a couple hacks for attaining voluminous, healthy winter hair!


1. Use Moisture-Rich Shampoo & Conditioner

Use Moisture-Rich Shampoo & Conditioner

In the winter your hair loses a lot of moisture naturally, so it’s important to switch out your summer products for something way more nourishing.

For this, I suggest using our La Mane Silk Shampoo!

La Mane Borage Oil Silk Shampoo 16.9 FL OZ.

It contains silk protein and nutrient-rich borage seed oil that are perfect for treating dryness and restoring shine while strengthening your hair.  

For a conditioning game-changer, try the powerful Borago Deep Conditioning Mask.

Borago Borage Oil Deep Conditioning Mask 10 FL OZ.

It’s also infused with borage oil (which contains amino acids, keratin, gamma-linolenic acid, and ceramide), so this unique formula penetrates hair cuticles to treat interior and exterior hair fibers, providing extra moisture during those chilly months.


2. Protect Your Strands

  Rival Heal Shield 4FL OZ.

You should try to avoid using heat on your hair everyday during the winter, as the weather will already take its toll on your locks!  

But naturally, as to be said whenever you heat style your hair, you must remember to protect it against heat-damage during this more sensitive time.

Our Rival Heat Shield is the perfect pairing and makes hair feel oh-so-silky.  

You can also use a scalp oil as a deep treatment to combat dry skin and flakes as often as you need to.  

You’ll love the Smoothe Healing Oil Reparative Treatment. It’s the perfect all-over moisturizer and conditioner that helps to prevent breakage by sealing in moisture, strengthening the hair shaft and improving all-around elasticity.

Smoothe Healing Oil Treatment


3. Moisturize, and then Moisturize again

Moisturize, and then Moisturize again

Dry air will suck all the moisture out of your hair so it’s really important to keep it as nourished as possible. Using a leave in conditioner regularly is really important if you want to prevent your hair getting brittle and breaking.

For this I recommend Réplenish Conditioning Spray, made for adding body and maintaining a healthy scalp. Includes calming properties like Aloe, Chamomile, Sage and lemon balm to soothe your hair. 

Replenish Detangling Conditioning Spray

Another game-changer is the Silk Vénom Keratin Masque - fortified with Keratin protein and a blend of nutrients like vitamin E that will help repair, rejuvenate and rebuild elasticity during the winter.     


4. Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

Since your scalp is typically dryer in the winter, you may find that your hair has lost a bit of moisture as well, becoming brittle to the touch, especially towards at the ends.

To keep your locks nourished it’s worth prolonging the gap between washing your hair as much as possible.  This way, natural oils can protect the keep your hair nice and moisturized.

To help keep your hair looking vibrant, use the L’ange Déjà Vu Dry Shampoo. This lightweight cleanser and texturizing spray is made for renewing and reviving hair in between washes and works like a charm.

  Déjà Vu Dry Shampoo



5. Don’t Forget To Trim

Don’t Forget To Trim

It’s always a good idea to get a trim at the start of the season, to remove any damage and freshen up your cut. Generally speaking, you should look to get a trim every 2-4 months, but if you’re trying to grow out your hair, dusting off those split ends regularly is effective as well.





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