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Fast and Fabulous: 10, 5, and 1-Minute Hair Hacks

Fast and Fabulous: 10, 5, and 1-Minute Hair Hacks

just because you don’t have much time, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a lively look! So to help you achieve salon-quality style on a schedule, here’s a quick reference guide to three effortless time-saving styles.

You’ve shared a goodbye kiss with your hubby...given your kids a hug and their lunchboxes.

Now, it’s time to treat yourself to a refreshing round of home hairstyling!

You breathe a blissful sigh, check your watch, and…

Oh no! You’ve only got 10 minutes to get ready for your day!

Or 5 minutes!



Woman talking on the phone while holding a baby as she reviews her date calendar

“There’s barely a slow moment in your day...and that can create a real challenge when it comes to styling your hair!”

No doubt about it:

From the moment you open your eyes in the morning, you’re in a race against time.

There’s so much to do, so many details that need your care and attention…

...even an average day can find you scrambling to check every box on your “to-do” list!

And that makes it difficult to find the necessary minutes even for something as essential to your mood and well-being as proper hair care.

But we’re about to change all that.


The truth is, just because you don’t have an hour to soak your hair in luxury…

...that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a lovely, lively look!

So, to help you achieve salon-quality style on a schedule where every second counts…’s a quick reference guide to three effortless time-saving styles.

These simple hair hacks will ensure, no matter how little time you’ve got to get ready…’ll always tackle your day with the pride and energy only a fabulous hairstyle can bring!


Want stunning hair...but only got 10 minutes?

Well, that’s more than enough time to craft this breezy yet elegant style that showcases a half-wrapped soft fabric headband.

woman in nature wearing a red bandana and sunglasses

“This style combines a dash of timeless elegance with a little bohemian chic!”

This eye-catching ‘do works best on freshly sculpted or second-day curls or beachy waves.

To shape this style:

  1. Tie your favorite headband around your head, with the front of the band about an inch back from your hairline.
  2. Take a section of hair from the left-hand side of your face, and tuck it back over and under the headband.
  3. Then, loop the same piece of hair back through the headband, pulling through, so the hair is taut, but not tight, against the band.
  4. Repeat this step again with the remaining loose piece of the looped section.
  5. Then, simply repeat steps 2-4 on the right-hand side of your face.
  6. Finally, when the entire back of the headband is covered by the looped sections of hair, pull the remaining loose ends so they hang down.1

Now, you’ve got fresh, free-flowing waves spilling down your neck, shoulders, and back…

...with the front of the style accented by the headband’s special splash of patterned color!


Some days, you find yourself rushing to set your style in 10 minutes flat.

And then there’s days when you’re in such a wish you had 10 whole minutes for your hair!

But what if we told you there was a look simply shimmering with old-Hollywood sophistication…

...and that you could create this dynamite style in only FIVE MINUTES?

Here’s a step-by-step guide for a perfect five-minute glamour curl.

Give it a try...and you’ll find yourself feeling like a movie star in no time at all!

  1. Part your hair, lining up the part with the natural arch in your left eyebrow.
  2. With a large-barrel curling wand, give your hair a light, bending wave from the middle of your tresses to the tips. (If this seems like it will take longer than five minutes, don’t worry...our curling wands’ fast-heating action makes curls like this a snap to achieve!)
  3. Section off the hair to the right of your part, holding it in your hand.
  4. Then, wrap this section of hair around the thin handle of a rattail comb.
  5. Holding the comb in place, secure the hair alongside the handle with three bobby pins.
  6. Slide the comb handle out of the roll you’ve created, and set it with additional bobby pins as you need.
  7. Finally, insert one U-shaped bobby pin at a right-facing diagonal to the back of the roll. Angle the pin slightly, and tuck it to the left, to pull the roll as tight as you desire.2  

No matter whether you choose this posh style for a party, girls’ get-together, or date night… just five minutes, you’ll be ready for your close-up all night long!


The pair of styles we just shared with you are perfect choices when time is tight, but the day’s still going smoothly.

But what do you do on those dreaded days when nothing is going the way it should...

...when the frenzy of activity surrounding you leaves literally one meager minute to pull together your day’s look?

Thankfully, with the help of a spaghetti-strap top and a little bit of water… minute is all you need to enjoy soft beachy waves!

Woman with waves in her hair

“If you haven’t got time to even plug in your L’ange curling wand, this quick-and-easy hair hack is the next best bet for beachy waves!”

Simply spritz your tresses with water, then twist-wrap them around the straps of your top.

Secure the loose ends of the hair with clips, then let them set until the hair is dry.

Then, when you take the clips off and untwist the straps…you’ll have a spill of light, lovable waves!3

So, never let that little old minute hand scare you…

...because by the time it’s swung its way round...your hair will be ravishing and ready for anything!


No matter what your day has in store, you always want to give every task facing you nothing less than your best.

But that isn’t always easy to do...thanks to those always-too-fast hands of time.

However, one of our dreams here at L’ange is that you’ll always be able to enjoy sleek, stylish, full-of-life matter how much styling time you have!

That’s why we craft all our products and tools to deliver gorgeous, long-lasting results fast.

And it’s why we’ve shared these three ready-in-minutes hair hacks.

With this trio of no-headaches styles as part of your personal beauty repertoire…’ll never need more than a minute to look and feel like you’ve got all the time in the world!



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