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9 Easy Hairstyles You Can Rock This Thanksgiving-L'ange Hair

9 Easy Hairstyles You Can Rock This Thanksgiving

Because who has time to stress about their hair on turkey day?

Before you know it, Thanksgiving will be here. A day to fill our hearts (and bellies) with love and food. This also marks the beginning of the holiday season and some of the most chaotic final weeks of the year.

Thanksgiving should be a time to enjoy the company of friends and family. After all, you have the day off work so why not spend it doing things at your leisure? 

Whether you are responsible for cooking the meal or simply eating it, you probably don’t want to spend hours getting ready. We know you want to look good, and believe it or not, that doesn’t have to take a lot of time.

We rounded up some of our favorite hairstyles that are quick and easy to pull off. And best of all, many of them work for a variety of lengths and textures, as well as second day (and so forth) hair. 

Read on for 9 time-saving hairstyles you’ll definitely want to copy this Thanksgiving!


Not Your Average Pony

This braided ponytail will work on most lengths and textures of hair. If you are styling second day (or older) hair, start by applying Déjà Vu Dry Shampoo at the roots to absorb excess oil and give you some additional texture.


Next, secure hair into a high ponytail and weave the hair into a simple 3-strand braid. Fasten the end with a clear elastic and “pancake” or carefully pull the braid in opposite directions to loosen it and give it a thicker, fuller appearance. 


This simple style will have you out the door in under 5 minutes.


Retro Rolls, Reimagined

Another great style for day old hair! Start by applying a little Grand Début Root Booster to your roots and massage to add an instant burst of volume. 


Simply section off the front of your hair into 2 or 3 separate pieces (you may follow the line of your natural part). 


Twist each section individually and secure with bobby pins. 


Leave the lengths as they are or go over them quickly with your favorite curling wand

Finish with a spritz of Trois Chic Three Way Hairspray on your favorite setting to lock-in this gorgeous vintage-inspired style.


Add A Little Dazzle To Your ‘Do

Super pressed for time? Hair accessories instantly jazz up any style and can help camouflage the appearance of flat or greasy, second day (or greater) hair. 


Use them to sweep your bangs away from your face or to bedazzle ponytails, buns, or any style you choose. Wear as few or as many as you’d like for a customized, festive look.


A Simple, Stylish Way To Top It Off

A topknot is great when you want to show off your length and add instant volume on top. 


Start by creating a section at the crown of your head and secure it with an elastic. Twist the hair to form a relaxed, slightly-imperfect bun and insert a few bobby pins to help keep it in place. 

To make the rest of your hair super sleek and shiny, apply a tiny amount of Satin Néctar Nourishing Gloss to your palms and lightly apply to your lengths and ends.


Your Crowning Glory

Much like hair clips, a headband can instantly elevate your hairstyle and tie your whole outfit together. 


Whether you wear your hair up, down, or half-up and half-down, try adding a headband for a pretty pop of color. 


Look for ones with luxe fabrics, metal, or jeweled accents—you can even use your favorite scarf and transform it into a DIY headband!


Elegant And Effortless Bun

In need of a quick, polished style? Look no further than this glamorous low bun.


Spritz strands with Lustér Spray Laminate and brush through to give your hair a smooth, glassy finish.


Create a clean part, starting at the middle of your forehead and secure your hair into a low ponytail.


Wrap the hair into a loose bun and insert a few bobby pins around the perimeter to lock it into place.


Easy Overnight Waves

Probably the most time-saving style on the list, overnight waves is one you can prep for by braiding your hair the night before. 


Start with freshly-washed, towel-dried hair. Apply a small amount of Sorbet Botanical Smoothing Balm and create a loose French braid. 


If your hair tends to take a long time to dry completely, you may want to rough dry it a little before or after braiding your hair. 

On Thanksgiving morning, release the braid, lightly mist your hair with Salt + Séa Texturizing Spray, and scrunch to enhance the wavy texture. How easy is that?


Simple Space Buns

This cute, carefree style can have you ready to go in mere minutes. 


If you are starting with day old (or greater) hair, give your roots a mist of Déjà Vu Dry Shampoo for some quick volume and texture. 


Create a center part from your forehead to the nape of your neck to create two sections of hair and pull out a few face-framing pieces.  


Secure one section into a high ponytail and repeat this step with the other section of hair, making sure both sections are even.


Twist each into a loose, messy bun and secure with bobby pins.


Futuristic Faux Hawk

This awesome updo is equal parts punky and glamorous—it’s also much easier than it looks! 


This style works best on day old hair, due to the added texture and grip, but can also be achieved by adding a little dry shampoo. It works well on most lengths and textures too!


Create one horizontal section from just below the tops of your ears (this does not need to be a perfect part). Clip all of the hair above the part up and out of the way so you can work with the hair below. 


Secure the section into a ponytail and twist it to form a messy bun. Insert a few bobby pins to hold it into place. 


Release another horizontal section of hair from the clip above and repeat the previous step. 


Continue until you have 3 - 4 mini buns running vertically down the center of your head, creating the illusion of a faux hawk. 

Lock-in the look with a mist of Haute To Trot Max Hold Hairspray and you are ready for any Thanksgiving gathering—glam or casual.


A Day To Relax And Reset

 We all lead busy and sometimes hectic lives. Thanksgiving should be a day to relax and enjoy the company of loved ones. 


At L’Ange, we want to arm you with the tools and tips to get the hair you want and save you time. 


We hope you enjoyed this batch of holiday hair inspiration. To get some great deals on the products used throughout, check out our holiday bundles!

And please share photos of your Thanksgiving hairstyles with us on social! Make sure to tag us @getlange and @langehair, using hashtag #langelocks.