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5 Adorably Chic Back-to-School Hairstyles-L'ange Hair

5 Adorably Chic Back-to-School Hairstyles

Try Them on Your Mini-Me & be the Cutest Mother-Daughter Duo!

Image via @demi.wallace


Back to school season is here—that means early mornings and a few sleepless nights. 

From meal prepping, to getting the entire family dressed and ready for the day, we understand that your time is precious!

At L’ange we’re all about providing you with tips and tricks to help get you (and your kiddos) ahead of the game. 

As you know, many children aren’t fans of having their hair styled. 

Whether your kids feel this way—or perhaps they are the exception and actually enjoy it—we want to make the styling process easy on them (and you!). 

You want them to return to school looking their best... 

That’s why we’ve rounded up 5 of our favorite back-to-school mother-daughter hairstyles that are simple to recreate. 

You can rock them yourself and look amazing taking your kids to can also try them on your daughters. Can you say #motherdaughtergoals?  

Read on for some of our favorite back-to-school hairstyles that will look amazing on you and your mini me!

Half-Up French Braid

Image via @sarakauten

Great for second day (plus) hair, this style is excellent for sweeping hair out of your or your child’s face. This look also appears much more difficult to create than it actually is.


Start by French braiding the hair as you would normally, but stop adding additional sections of hair when you reach ear level. 


Secure the end of the braid with an elastic and create a loop with the hair on the last wrap of the elastic.


Option for mama: Enhance your look by pulling a few face-framing pieces and curl with your Lustré Wand. (This step is not recommended for your mini me.)


Finish the style by adding a bow or ribbon to the end of the braid. How simple is that? 


Haute Headband

Image via @laurenlivengood

An easy and adorable way to add a pop of color and tie an outfit together is by adding a headband! 


There are so many options available—fabric, bows, flowers, rhinestones—something to match any ensemble. 


Simply slide on your favorite headband. Try sweeping it back completely so the front portion of hair is secured by the band. 


You may also place it a couple of inches back from your forehead, leaving the front section of hair free (like the image above), creating a more modern, laid-back style. 


You can keep the hair down or pull it into a bun or side ponytail for even more options!


Beautiful Bow

Image via @_jasminvanessa

For a pretty mommy and me hairstyle you’re both going to love, try this simple style with pulled-back sides. 


Gently create small sections of hair above the ears and join them together at the back of your head. 


Secure with a snag-free elastic and decorate with your favorite hair pin or bow. Bonus points for matching accessories! 


Très Chic Twist

Image via L’ange

This style is great if you have long or thick hair and would like a unique way to wear it up. 


Secure hair into a low ponytail and gently twist in a circle to form a loose, messy bun. You can do this at the nape of the neck or slide it to the side to create an off-center bun. 


Insert bobby pins around the perimeter, until the bun feels secure and will not unravel. 


Finish the look with a hair accessory that coordinates with your outfit—it’ll add polish to the bun and help hold everything in place.  


Pretty Pony

Image via @rkcsouthern

Try this look on second day (or older hair) because any existing oil and product will be more friend than foe. It’s an added bonus if your ends already have a little texture to them! 


Apply a spritz of Déjà Vu Dry Shampoo and zhuzh up your roots for extra volume. On yourself, you may want to lightly backcomb hair at the crown for extra volume (don’t try this step on the little ones).


Gently secure hair into a low ponytail, making sure not to tug too tightly and deflate the volume you’ve created. 


Lastly, pull a few pieces aside for added face-framing definition. Voila!


Now for the wand...


One Wand, Many Options

Image via L’ange

When working with your own hair, curling prior to styling is a great way to add extra volume and texture. You can also work with hair that is on day two or older for a similar effect. 


As a general rule of thumb, it is not recommended to curl your little one's hair. Most of them do not enjoy sitting still long enough to do so, and the extra wiggling around is not ideal when working with a hot tool. 


But before using any tool on your hair, make sure to prep the hair with a heat protectant, like Rival Heat Shield to help avoid any damage caused by the high heat. 


The Lustré Curling Wand is an excellent choice for creating all types of waves and curls—it's offered in titanium and ceramic, as well as two barrel sizes.


The digital temperature display makes it easy to monitor the temperature and dial down the heat when necessary. 


The Bottom Line:


These types of activities with your daughter are bonding experiences that teach her empowerment through styling her hair.


She sees the way you take care of your hair and wants to emulate you! Here at L’ange, we strive to make that special time with her simple and fun.


We hope you enjoy recreating these easy mommy and me hairstyles with your little ones. 

We’d love to see your photos! Please tag us @langehair and @getlange, using hashtag #langelocks!