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Hair Talk

Choosing the Right Hair Mask for Your Hair Type
posted at Let’s be honest. There are so many hair masks out in the market, it can be confusing and overwhelming to decide which ones will most benefit your type of hair.
Keep Your Hair Smelling Great... Without Expensive Perfume!
posted at Before you spritz away with that perfume bottle from your purse, consider that most popular perfumes on the market today are up to 90 percent alcohol! This can leave you with dry, frazzled-looking strands. So we recommend making your own hair perfume with a blend of fresh-scented essential oils.
Pumpkin Spice: It’s Your Hair’s Favorite, Too!
posted at We’re here with a fresh, nutrifying all-natural hair mask... fortified to keep your tresses shiny, manageable, and eye-catching all through the fall. And best of all, this mask brings with it the invigorating thrill of autumn’s signature scent: PUMPKIN SPICE!
These Two Fruits Hold the Key to Thicker Hair
posted at Fresh fruit is an irreplaceable component of any healthy, well-balanced diet. But here’s something you might not have been told: You should be “feeding” fruit to your hair, too!
4 Hair Myths You Need to Stop Believing
posted at We’re “coming clean” about four of the most persistent hair care myths around. If you’re using any of these storied home hair techniques, you can go ahead and stop.