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DIY Hair Accessories: Look Gorgeous for Less-L'ange Hair

DIY Hair Accessories: Look Gorgeous for Less

Nothing enriches the luminous appeal of your hairstyle quite like the right accessories... because smartly chosen accessories can give your entire ensemble the ideal crowning touch!

Just like a precious stone sparkles even more brightly in the proper setting...

...nothing enriches the luminous appeal of your hairstyle quite like the right accessories.

Whether it’s a chic headband...a fetchingly accented hairpin...or a comb decorated with an eye-catching pattern or explosive array of colors…

...smartly chosen accessories can give your entire ensemble the ideal crowning touch!

 “Even a basic accessory like a hair comb can help your tresses simply sparkle with style!”


Now here’s the thing:

Even though you know the perfect accessories can help your locks shimmer like a diamond…

...very few people have pockets deep enough to wear literal diamonds in their hair!

The good news is:


...because we’ve got some super-affordable DIY hair accessories for you to try!

They’re a cinch to put together, using materials you can find at any craft shop or art store.

And they’ll help your hair look like a million bucks…

...without costing you a million bucks!


First, here’s a technique for transforming your favorite necklace into a distinctive headband.

That means, if you’ve already got a necklace or chain you think would look great in your hair…

...the only other special materials you need are some needle nose pliers, and a single hair elastic!

To make this work, you’ll want to use a ring clasp necklace, preferably about 18 inches long.

To get started, use your pliers to bend open one of the links or rings at the end of your necklace.

Next, slip the elastic into the ring, and close it up again with the pliers. You can overlap the ring’s edges if it doesn’t close tight enough around the elastic.

Then, open the clasp on the other end of the necklace and loop the elastic through it, closing the clasp again once it’s in.

“In just five minutes, you can transform your favorite necklace into an impeccable hair accessory.”

Simple, right?

A few quick steps, and you’ve got an understated, flattering headband.

The elastic should have enough stretch to allow the band to fit on your head snugly.

If not, no worries...just try again, with a larger or smaller elastic.

And the best thing about this clever accessory hack:

Once you’re done wearing can turn it right back into a necklace!1


If you’re looking to enhance a bun, chignon, or any updo or pulled-back look… can’t go wrong with these sparkling bobby pins!

To create these fun accessories, you’ll need…

  • Bobby pins
  • Glitter (whatever color you like)
  • Wax paper
  • Squeeze-bottle glue
  • A hot glue gun
  • Fabric (the pattern is entirely up to you)

First, you use the squeeze-bottle glue to draw a shape on the wax paper. You can make a star, a heart, a peace sign...really any symbol you love.

Next, cover the glue with glitter, turning the shape you drew into a twinkly charm.

Let the glue dry overnight, then peel the shape free from the wax paper.

Next, to help hold the shape and make it sturdier, attach the fabric to the back of the charm.

Finally, use the hot glue to attach your charm to the bobby pin.2

“Make sure all the glue is dry on your bobby pins before using them to accent your hair.”

One of the best things about these glitter bobby pins is their versatility.

With the right color glitter and the perfect shapes, you can create pins for all sorts of occasions.

You can sport red, white, and blue stars for your Fourth of July picnic...a spangly orange jack-o-lantern for Halloween...or a glimmering green Christmas tree!


Finally, it’s always a great idea to have a hair elastic or two (or three!) close at hand.

They’re perfect for giving that second-day updo or workout ponytail a splash of color.

So here are some inexpensive homemade elastics...designed to keep your hair free of unsightly creases!

Here are the supplies you’ll need to make these:

  • ⅝ inch fold-over elastic, in any color or design you like
  • A piece of paper
  • Scissors
  • A lighter

You start by measuring the elastic. The long edge of the paper will be your ruler here.

Cut the elastic to the length of the paper, then fold the elastic in half.

Tie the ends of the elastic into a knot. Then, singe with the lighter to hold the knot in place.

And that is literally all it takes!

“With so many colors and designs to choose from, you never have to wear the same elastic look twice!”

For a tighter or looser fit, you can make the elastics shorter or longer as you prefer.

And, with elastic available in multi-color-and-pattern variety packs, you can create a rainbow of styles and color combinations...for about a quarter a piece! 


So, if you want to enjoy an all-new burst of winning beauty...without breaking the bank…

...try these DIY accessories next time you’re looking for a hair refresher.

And since they’re safe and easy to make, they’re also great mother-daughter fun-time projects.

Most of all, we hope exploring these hands-on hair accessory options gets your creativity going.

Because take it from us:

Even if there’s a limit on your budget...the only limit on fantastic style is your imagination!


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