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girl posing surprised with a L'ange Flat iron

How To Clean Your Styling Tools Like A Pro: flat irons and more

When your hair tools are clean, your hair looks better, shinier, and boosts your beauty and confidence even more! So, here’s a crash course in easy-to-do, no-nonsense styling tool home cleaning.

Here at L’ange, we’re proud of how all our premium-quality tools make salon-grade home styling easier than ever.  

But even with all the simplicity and control L’ange products put right in your hand doesn’t your hair still just feel different when it’s been styled at a salon?



Of course, one key difference between a home styling session and a trip to the salon is obvious:

The stylists who often boast years, even decades of hair experience.

But you might be surprised by something else that separates a salon session from your own styling work something that makes a real difference when it comes to the freshness and flow of your hair:



Of course, we understand maintaining pristine tools is part of a stylist’s job.

We also know it can be hard to even carve out extra time in your day for hairstyling let alone giving your tools a daily cleaning.

But there’s no denying it:

When your curling wands, flat irons, combs, and brushes are free from product buildup, stray hair strands, and other debris the result is hair that feels cleaner, looks shinier, and boosts your beauty and confidence even more!

So, here’s a crash course in easy-to-do, no-nonsense styling tool home cleaning.

Even if you use these no-sweat cleaning techniques just once or twice a week it’s sure to give your styling an extra boost of professional dazzle!



You’ll be happy to know you don’t need expensive cleaners to keep your curling wands and hair straighteners free of residue!

All it takes is a dampened cloth, worked over the barrel or styling plates til you’re satisfied. For extra cleansing power, simply add a little rubbing alcohol, or a touch of iron cleaner, to the water you’re using to soak the cloth.

It is worth mentioning built-up styling product comes more easily off a warm barrel or plate. So, you can plug in your styling tool to warm it up before you start to clean. But you want to do this for only a few short seconds.

And, of course, you never clean a plugged-in heat styling tool!1



Combs can build up layers of hair and dirt faster than almost any other styling tool. Those tight-spaced teeth make perfect hiding places for tangles of hair and particles of grime!

Fortunately, just like your heat styling tools, cleaning these can also be a no-hassle process.

  • Start by using your fingers to remove any easy-to-grasp dirt and hair buildup.
  • Use a tissue to wipe away dust and excess oil.
  • Then, put your combs in a sink or wash basin filled with lukewarm water.
  • Add your favorite shampoo, and stir it thoroughly into the water.
  • Let the combs soak in this solution for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • When they’re ready, use a toothbrush to clean the now-loose dirt and grit from each comb.
  • If any stubborn dirt remains between the teeth, you can remove that using a toothpick.
  • Then, just rinse off the combs with clean water, and let them air dry they’ll be almost good as new!
girl pulling hair off brush

“Cleaning out those heavy tangles of hair is the first step in properly maintaining your combs”

Before you air dry, you can also further disinfect your combs by resoaking them in fresh water with a few drops of tea tree oil. About five minutes should do the job nicely.2



The good news is, hairbrushes don’t collect as much styling product and dirt as combs.

The bad news?

They can be worse when it comes to excess strands or tangles of hair! It’s recommended that, before you do any cleaning, use a pick comb or tweezers to remove hair trapped in the bristles.


If you’ve got full, long strands wrapped all the way around the brush handle or base, you may need to cut those loose with scissors before you can pull them away.3


Now, here’s a nifty shortcut:

  • Your plastic and metal brushes are actually dishwasher safe!

  • You just want to make sure, before you put them in the washer, they’re well free of hair that could get tangled in the machine.

  • For wooden brushes, or if your tools need a more precise touch, just clean them using a toothbrush, with a mixture of warm water and a little shampoo.

  • Then, simply rinse them in clean water and dry them on a towel, with the bristles facing down.4



That old expression “It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it." It seems tailor-made to describe the process of cleaning your styling tools. But that sparkling shine and fabulous feel you savor as you walk out of the salon make it clear:

Cleaner styling tools create fresher, more eye-catching hair!

So, try incorporating these basic tool cleaning ideas into your hair maintenance routine.

We’re sure you’ll find yourself enjoying even more satisfying at-home styling results!



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