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If You Plan On Swimming This Season, You Should Be Using This-L'ange Hair

If You Plan On Swimming This Season, You Should Be Using This

Let’s face it, temperatures are heating up and many of us are dying to get outside. There’s nothing like a nice dip to cool you down and enliven your spirits. If the pool or ocean are singing you their sweet siren song, then listen up! There may be something you can do to preserve the overall health of your hair... 

Let’s face it, temperatures are heating up and many of us are dying to get outside. There’s nothing like a nice dip to cool you down and enliven your spirits. If the pool or ocean are singing you their sweet siren song, then listen up!

Salt and chlorinated water have a tendency to alter your color and leave your hair dull, flat, frizzy, and dried out. Using a clarifying shampoo once per week, or every other week will help to eliminate the harsh effects swimming can have on your hair. But that’s not all…

So What Exactly is a Clarifying Shampoo?

hands with shampoo bubbles

Clarifying shampoos are heavy-duty hair cleansers designed to be used 1-4 times per month.

They help to remove the stubborn buildup left behind from all of the other products you put into your hair. And they remove deposits from water we bathe and swim in.

They can also be referred to as "purifying" or "detoxifying" shampoos.

In Addition to Removing Salt and Chlorine, Here are 7 Other Reasons to Use a Clarifying Shampoo:

woman lathering shampoo in hair

  1. Remove Buildup From Your Styling Products - If you use dry shampoo, hairspray, or any product containing silicone, a clarifying shampoo is the easiest way to remove styling buildup, and bring back hair’s natural body and shine.
  2. Protect Against Mineral Deposits From Hard Water - Hard water (which is chock-full of minerals like magnesium and calcium) roughs up the cuticle of your hair, leaving it dry, tangled, and frizzy. It also makes it hard to rinse out traditional shampoo and conditioner, so often times you’re left with a film on your hair. Using a clarifying shampoo cuts through the minerals to get your hair clean, and mineral-free so it’s soft, shiny, and manageable.
  3. Prevents Blondes From Going Brassy or Green - Ever notice your blonde hair turn green after a summer spent in the pool? Blonde hair is more porous, so its more prone to color changes when you spend time in the pool or ocean. The chemicals and minerals get absorbed into your hair causing strange tones to appear. Washing with a clarifying shampoo post-swim will help to eliminate this.
  4. Reset An Oily Scalp - If you’re hair isn’t color-treated, this step may be for you. Using a clarifying shampoo helps to wash away excess oil on the scalp and leave you with squeaky clean strands, revitalizing your previously limp locks.
  5. A Prep Step Before You Color Your Hair - One to two days before coloring your hair, shampoo with a clarifying shampoo to remove product and mineral buildup so hair is able to better absorb the color. Enjoy longer lasting color with more vivid results.
  6. Get A Boost Of Volume In Fine/Thin Hair - If your hair is on the finer side, you can get some extra volume by deep cleansing with a clarifying shampoo. If your hair is not color-treated, alternating this into your hair care routine will help to keep strands clean and free from heavy buildup. Try a light leave-in conditioner in just the ends to keep hair soft and tangle-free.
  7. Use Before A Masque For Better Results - If hair masques are weekly ritual for you, there’s no better time to utilize a clarifying shampoo than right before you apply the masque. Deep cleansing your hair and removing the styling and mineral buildup will allow your hair to better absorb the masque. The masque also helps to counteract the (sometimes) drying effects of a clarifying shampoo.

Product Recommendation: L’ange Dreamy Purifying Shampoo

L'ange Dreamy Purifying Shampoo

This gentle clarifying shampoo works hard to rid your scalp and strands of pesky buildup that can alter your color or make it dull, lifeless and hard-to-manage.

Unlike some other clarifying shampoos, Dreamy is packed with skin-loving botanicals to promote a healthy scalp and encourage hair growth. It also leaves your hair soft, manageable and smelling fresh and clean.  

Standout Botanical Ingredients In Dreamy:

fresh botanical herbs and vegetables

Cucumber Extract - Full of vitamins and skin-calming alkaline minerals, cucumber is extremely hydrating, strengthening and repairing for your hair.

Aloe Leaf Juice - Cares for your hair and scalp, eliminating dandruff and itching. It conditions strands, leaving them soft and shiny.

Sage Extract - Full of anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and astringent properties, sage is excellent in treating thinning hair and dandruff. It purifies the scalp, strengthening the roots and promoting healthy hair growth.

Witch Hazel Extract - Treats all kinds of scalp conditions ranging from dandruff, general irritation, itchy skin and oily hair. It boosts circulation and frees the follicles, encouraging your hair to grow.

Lemongrass Extract - An excellent scalp treatment that combats irritation and hair loss, promoting overall scalp health thanks to its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antimicrobial properties.

How to Use Dreamy:

woman smelling her hair

Start by applying the shampoo at your scalp, massage it in for one minute, and then work it through your ends.

Let the product sit on your hair for one to two minutes to help release the buildup, and then rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Depending on your hair type, color and swimming habits, use Dreamy weekly or bi-monthly for best results.

Your hair will be lighter, healthier and free from buildup. You’re especially going to love how great it smells and how soft, shiny and manageable it becomes!

Try a clarifying shampoo today and you'll immediately notice the difference.


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