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Cheer On Your Team With This DIY Team Pride Headband

Cheer On Your Team With This DIY Team Pride Headband

These days, women are some of the biggest fans around, so to help you accessorize your game-day look, here’s a step-by-step guide to crafting your own no-sew braided headband in vivid team colors!

It’s one of the most dramatic, riveting, flat-out spectacular times of the year.

And all over the country, people are coming together to share the excitement...each and every Sunday.

That’s right. We’re talking about FOOTBALL SEASON!

And more and more, people are waking up to an undeniable truth:


Woman holding a football with a bandaid on her ring finger and black stripes under her eyes

Forget what you’ve heard about ‘football widows’...these days, women are some of the biggest fans around!”

No doubt about it...every year, the quaint old notion of the “football widow” fades further away…

...and the NFL is wising up to the fact that we love that hard-hitting action as much as men do!

The numbers prove it: The latest Reuters poll shows nearly half the NFL’s viewing audience is women.1

That’s why, at stadium shops and team websites across the league, you’re seeing more products, especially apparel, designed especially for you!


Unfortunately, there is one catch to all these fabulous just-for-us fan goodies:

They do not come cheap!

Woman holding a football and holding a red 1 foam finger

The NFL counts on football-loving ladies to boost their favorite teams...and the league’s profits!”

Now, to be fair, it is understandable why the NFL wants to keep merchandise prices so high.

After all, last year, the league reported a 40 percent bump in merchandise sales2

...and that’s taking into account average figures of up to $3 billion a year!3

Simply put, this is one of the sweetest, most succulent pieces of football’s financial pie…

...and that’s why it can cost you a pretty penny to sport your team’s colors on game day!


Naturally, we want you to let the world know which team you love this football Sunday.

But we don’t want cheering on your favorite squad to cost you a star quarterback’s season salary!

So, to help you accessorize your game-day look in team-boosting style…’s a step-by-step, low-cost guide to crafting your own no-sew braided headband in vivid team colors!

That way, whether you pull for the Patriots, back the Packers, or ride with the Cowboys…

...your look will let everyone know you’re a true fan…

...from the top down!


To put together this easy-to-assemble hair accessory, you’ll need…

  • A hair elastic
  • A length of ribbon in one of your team’s colors
  • A length of thin rope in your team’s other color
  • A long, thin length of flexible leather (usually black or white works best as a base color)
  • A length of ball chain, like the kind that hold pens to the counter at a bank
  • A pair of scissors
  • Clear craft glue (optional)

And here’s what you do to create this wonderful headband…

  1. Gather one end of your ribbon, rope, leather, and ball chain together.
  2. Knot them together very tightly around the hair elastic. It generally works best if, after the knot is secure, you pull each piece individually to tighten it.
  3. Then, start braiding the ribbon, rope, leather, and chain tightly together. Since you’ve got four separate pieces to braid here, you’ll want to pair two of the pieces together to make one strand of the braid. Usually, the ribbon and leather work best for this. You don’t want to pair up the chain, as it’s the trickiest piece to braid.
  4. Once you’ve braided enough to fit around your head, knot the other end of the braid very tightly together around the other side of the elastic.
  5. For added hold, use a small dot of craft glue on each knot.
  6. When the glue has dried, trim the loose ends of the knots to smarten up the headband’s lines...

...and voila! In just five minutes...your hair’s looking perfect for kickoff!


Of course, one of the most appealing things about this headband is that it’s not just for football season.

By mixing up your color selections, you can use this same design to root for your favorite baseball, basketball, or hockey teams.

And, if your kids play sports, show them how proud they make you by crowning yourself in their team colors for their games!

Fans cheering in the game

“Your kids will feel great when they see Mom rocking their team colors in the bleachers!”

Come to think of it, this safe and simple headband is ideal for a mother-daughter craft project.

Just imagine how your all-star will love showing off her team spirit...on and off the playing field!


The pulse-pounding excitement of football season is a feeling like none other.

And think how much more you can savor that game-day energy…

...when you know your hair’s as ready to play as you are?

With this adorable and economical team-colors headband, you know that, no matter whether your team comes up short or rallies to victory…’ll be cheering them on championship style!



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