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chamomile tea for scalp

Chamomile Tea for a Healthier Scalp, and Extra Color in Your Hair?

Get ready to give your hair a rejuvenating burst of sunny color… ...courtesy of that soothing favorite from the breakfast table: CHAMOMILE TEA

Looking to breathe some life back into your hair’s natural color?

Or maybe you’re thinking about working some highlights into your style for a just-in-time-for-summer spark of energy?

Well, get ready to give your hair a rejuvenating burst of sunny color courtesy of that soothing favorite from the breakfast table:



chamomile tea

Chamomile tea offers all sorts of benefits...even for your hair!

People have been drinking chamomile tea for centuries, and swearing by its natural health benefits.

Thanks to numerous scientific studies, it’s been praised for:

  • Naturally lowering your blood sugar levels
  • Reducing your risk of certain digestive problems
  • Aiding in achieving a low blood pressure
  • ...and even potential added protection from the risk of certain kinds of cancer! 1



In addition to all the positive support chamomile tea offers for your digestion and circulation it also contains antioxidants that serve as a natural exfoliating treatment.

That means a regular chamomile tea hair rinse can cleanse and condition your scalp...leading to healthier, more nourished hair follicles, and less risk of dryness or dandruff. 2

And here’s an added bonus:

  • That same hair rinse can also do wonders for enlivening your hair’s color!

  • Over time, a regular chamomile rinse can significantly brighten up those sun-faded blonde tresses.

girl looking at her sun-faded blonde hair in the mirror

“Chamomile tea can bring that brilliant golden glow back to your hair”. 

It also gives a subtle enhancement to the rich, dark glow of brunette hair.

And, if you color-treat, it can jazz up any highlights you’ve already got...without any damage to your stylist’s hard work! 3



Most important of all a do-it-yourself chamomile hair rinse requires no additional ingredients!

That means, if you’ve already got some chamomile tea in the’re all ready to try it out! For best results, you’ll want to do this on a sunny, cloudless day, when you’re planning to wash your hair.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Brew yourself a strong, good-sized cup of chamomile tea. You’ll want to use multiple tea bags for this. For the strongest treatment, you can even use as many as five bags.
  2. Let the tea cool to the point where you’ll be comfortable applying it to your locks.
  3. For highlights, apply the tea to individual strands or pieces of hair.
  4. If you’re interested in an all-over color enhancement, evenly pour the tea over your hair.
  5. Go out into the sun and let the tea dry for about 30 minutes.
  6. Wash the tea out of your hair, then style as usual. 4
female lounging by the pool in white bikini

“All it takes is 30 minutes in the sunshine for chamomile tea to work its hair magic”.



As you might imagine, it will take a few regular treatments with this tea rinse for your color enhancement to really take root.

So, I suggest using this in-a-snap chamomile tea treatment every couple of days for the most vibrant results.

That means, if you’re someone who only washes your hair every few days, making this rinse a consistent part of your hairstyling routine should be simply a breeze.

So, whether you’re after a summery sheen...or a dynamic highlighting blast look no further than the herbal tea section of your grocery store!

Because it turns out, chamomile tea is not just great for your health.

It can also give your color what it needs to help you shine from bottom to top!



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