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blue shampoo for brunettes

Brunettes: Here’s Why You May Need A Blue Shampoo

Color-Correcting Hair Care Isn’t Just For Blondes

As you know, L’ange offers multiple options for toning and maintaining blonde hair


With fan favorites like Frozé, Glacé—and more recently our Violet Shampoo and Hair Masque—it only made sense to create toning options for all hair colors.


This in mind, we decided it was time to expand the collection and introduce a line just for brunettes.


Presenting:  Brunette Boost!

 What is Brunette Boost?  

Much like our purple-tinged line of hair care for blondes, Brunette Boost is a line of blue-hued products just for brown hair. 


The colored pigments in our color correcting formulas are designed to help combat brassy hues in specific hair colors.



How does color correction work?

Color correction is a simple concept that is often utilized in the world of beauty to neutralize certain colors and enhance others.  


This may be best described by taking a look at a color wheel...


Take a peek at the chart below. You’ll notice that when a color sits directly across from another on the color wheel, those two colors work to neutralize or cancel each other out.  


For example, the colors purple and yellow are on opposite sides of the wheel. This is why purple hair care helps to neutralize and tone away brassy, yellow tones in blonde hair. 


The same is true of Brunette Boost. Blue lies directly across the wheel from orange, and thus cancels out the warm, orangey tones that occur in brown hair.


 Brunette Boost Collection

Whether you are a natural brunette or achieved your beautiful brown hair in a salon, your locks are sure to benefit from a little toning.  


The coloring process, heat-styling, and exposure to sunlight or hard water can cause your dark hair to give off a brassy, orange tint. 


If you prefer a cool tone to your hair, Brunette Boost will help neutralize the unwanted warm hues.  


The best part, you can use the collection every time you wash, or as needed to maintain your preferred color. And you do not need to wear gloves!  


The collection offers a blue shampoo and conditioner:



Brunette Boost Shampoo

Gentle and nourishing, it cleanses and hydrates while depositing blue pigments that help counteract warm, orangey hues.



Brunette Boost Conditioner

Lightweight and hydrating, it boosts softness and manageability while depositing blue pigments that help neutralize brassy, orange tones.



What you can expect using Brunette Boost:

After one use, you’ll notice a big difference in the tone of your brown hair.  


With repeated use, Brunette Boost will help keep brass at bay and keep your hair soft, shiny, and perfectly-toned. 



What’s next?  

With offerings for blondes and now brunettes, L’ange plans to further expand the color specific collections.  


Stay tuned for more targeted solutions designed for a wider range of hair types, textures and colors! 



What do you think? 

Show us your before & afters using Brunette Boost. 


What would you like to see next? Let us know! 

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