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5 Vacation Hairstyles To Know About

5 Vacation Hairstyles To Know About

When vacation time rolls around, you want hair with that cool, ready-to-play feeling… …that takes as little time as possible…so you won’t have to miss one minute of the fun!

This last weekend, I decided to treat myself to a day of indulgence at my favorite salon.

While the stylist worked on my hair, I got into a conversation with a few ladies in the neighboring chairs. As we chatted, the topic came around to everyone’s upcoming vacation plans.

That’s right. Check your calendar, because believe it or not…

…it’s almost vacation season!

One of the women was spending a few weeks at a beachside cabin with her husband. Another would be going camping with her boyfriend and their son. And a third was just looking forward to a nice, relaxing staycation.

“So,” I asked them, “are you here today testing out your vacation hairstyles?”

All three of them looked at me, surprised.

“Why would I need to do anything different with my hair,” the staycation lady asked, “just because I’m on vacation?”

I’m glad she asked that question.

Let me explain

Your vacation should be truly special...a chance for a rejuvenating break from the time-consuming tasks of your day-to-day life.

And that includes those often painstaking hairstyling minutes.

When vacation time rolls around, you want hair with that cool, ready-to-play feeling…

…that takes as little time as possible…so you won’t have to miss one minute of the fun!


Here at L’ange, we want to help you achieve your most desired style…no matter what you’ve got planned!

So if you want to enjoy vivacious holiday looks…without spending your entire vacation in the salon…

…here are five leisure-ready hairstyles you can do in minutes…

…for splashy-chic flair that lasts all day long.


This freestyle take on a classic updo is perfect for keeping you cool and breezy. It’s a great choice for picnics, beachside bike rides, or a day at your favorite amusement park!

For this style, gather your hair into a ponytail at your crown. Spray the tail with a styling mist, like our Salt + Séa Texturizing Spray.

Next, split the tail into two parts and bring them both forward, one on either side of your head. Then, you just cross them over each other, and keep wrapping until you’ve reached the end of your hair. 

“L’ange’s Salt + Séa spray will give this fun top knot a fresh blast of healthy texture”

Once you’ve fixed the hair in place with pins or a stylish clip, you can loosen the bun by fluffing a bit with your fingers, for that just-a-little-tousled look. (1)


One of the most versatile vacation looks is this super-cute twisted ponytail. It’s sporty, but elegant enough for those special romantic-getaway moments.

To create this look, start by gathering two sections of hair, one on either side of your face. Put the rest in a ponytail.

Then, for the two side sections, separate each one into three areas. One by one, starting with the lowest area, twist the hair up, wrap it around your ponytail, and secure it with a bobby pin.

Do this with each section of hair. For the best hold, clip the pins around the ends of each section.

Also, for a tighter hold and a cleaner, less flyaway look, curl your hair slightly before wrapping it around the ponytail. (2)

This twisted ponytail is a great look for both active and leisurely vacation fun”

For example, our 32 mm Ondulé curling wand is ideal for the loose, wavy curl that’ll help you pull off this twist beautifully.

And speaking of crafting light, relaxed curls…


It’s no secret that, when you’re looking to combine easygoing comfort with satiny allure, the beachy wave style is in a class by itself.

And the best part is…with the right styling tool, you can give your hair this low-key grace in no time at all.

The trick is…which curling wand will be the best choice for your hair?

And to answer that question, you need to ask yourself:

How easy is it to curl my hair?

Is your hair fairly easy to curl? If so, you’ll want to choose a wand with a ceramic barrel. That way, the hair won’t lay on the wand too snugly, protecting you from frizz or breakage.

For that reason, a ceramic wand is also the right choice if you’ve got dry or easily damaged hair.

But maybe your locks are coarse and thick, which makes it harder to hold a curl.

For you, a titanium-barrel wand is the way to go. Its forceful conduction will ensure your hair receives all the heat it needs to maintain those luscious waves.

Fortunately, our Lustré curling wands are available with both titanium and ceramic barrels…

…and they’ve each got the power and delicacy to sculpt bouncy-soft beachy waves that last for days!

“You’ll never go back to your old curling wand once you’ve created perfect beachy waves, Lustré-style!”


If you’ve got shoulder-length hair or a tighter bob, you may be looking to give that ‘do an extra zap of vacation-day style.

An easy way to spice things up is by giving a classic short ponytail a volumizing kick.

To make this style come alive, all you need is to give the back of your hair a volume boost before you tie it up. (3)

Of course, you know that when it comes to hair, extra texture and body is all about the roots.

That means the easiest, least risky way to invigorate those tresses is by using a root-revitalizing formula like L’ange’s Grand Début Root Booster.

Just spray the roots in the back of your hair with Grand Début, work it in with your fingertips, then tie it off and up.

Your ponytail will sport a vivacity and bounce that looks great on the tennis court or the dance floor!


Finally, there are those days when you’re really pressed for styling time…when it’s up and out the door to the latest adventure.

Then, there’s also the possibility you’ll be washing your hair less often than usual when you’re away.

If you’re camping out, or finally taking that cross-country drive, your hair care options might be limited.

For just this reason, it’s a great idea to keep a selection of scarves handy.

You can tie up your hair into a cute ponytail…or fashion yourself a headband or wrap.

Best of all…

…the right color or pattern can provide a perfect, funky finishing touch to any outfit! (4)

These are just a few of the sunny yet stylish vacation looks you can create in just a few minutes.

But since I know how many speedy, attention-getting hair tips you’ve got at your fingertips…

…I’d like to hear from you!

What are some of your sure-fire, no-hassle vacation hair styling tricks?

Write to me here with your most imaginative ideas, and I’ll share them in a future edition of HAIR TALK.

And don’t forget:

Pictures or videos of you shaping these sensational styles are always appreciated!

So…here’s hoping when you give these vacation looks a whirl…

…the way you’ll look and feel will be every bit as unforgettable as your getaway!




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