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3 Easy Hairstyles For a Summer Festival

3 Easy Hairstyles For a Summer Festival

If you keep an eye on the biggest fests, like Coachella, Burning Man, and Frontier Days, you know the outdoor festival scene is a hotbed for fashion, beauty and hairstyling!

Summertime is in full swing.

And that means one thing:


Of course, if you keep an eye on the biggest fests, like Coachella, Burning Man, and Frontier Days… know the outdoor festival scene is a hotbed for fashion, beauty...and, yes, hairstyling!

Woman celebrating at a festival

“Summer festivals have become an outstanding place to see innovative fashion and hairstyling!”

So, whether you’re gearing up for a trip to your favorite fest...or you’re lucky enough to have your best-loved outdoor bash right in your own town…

…we’re here to help you dive right in...with hair that’ll have the whole festival talking!


When it comes to picking your perfect look for a music festival, there’s a few things to keep in mind.

You want a style that’s cool and comfortable...that fills you with carefree confidence…

...and gives you the freedom to dance all day without losing your glamour, or breaking a sweat!

That’s why we’ve got a vibrant style that combines functionality with bohemian pizzazz:

The double-Dutch braid!

The double-Dutch braided hairstyle

“The double-Dutch braided hairstyle is celebrated for its cool, comfortable feel.”

It’s a super-cute look sharp enough to hold its shape in all kinds of hot, dry weather.

And best of all, you can sleep in these braids, undo them...and you’ve got killer beachy waves for day 2 of the festival!2

Here’s how to pull together this lovely music-festival-ready style:

  1. First, part your hair down the middle, and continue the part all the way down your locks, to create two even sections of hair.
  2. Tie up one section with an elastic, to keep it controlled while you style the other section.
  3. Brush any tangles out of the loose section, then divide a small piece of the front of the hair into three equal-sized pieces.
  4. Start braiding the hair, with the pieces crossing under each other. This is the main difference between a Dutch and French braid (the French pieces cross over each other).
  5. Keep working your way back through your tresses, crossing new pieces of hair from each side under as you braid your way down to the base of your neck.
  6. Braid down through the rest of the loose hair, then secure the end with an elastic.
  7. Once this first braid is secure, remove the tie from your unbraided section of hair, brush out the tangles, and repeat the process.3

...and you’ve got a fresh, free style that’ll still look stunning when the headliner finally takes the stage!


Want to bring your inner princess out to play?

Well, there’s no better place than a Renaissance Faire...where the magic of a bygone era lives again!

Naturally, to look your Ren Faire best, you want a style that captures the charm of those antique days…

...while still keeping you ready for all the surprises in every tent and behind every corner!

So, here’s an evocative braided updo based on popular Renaissance Faire styles.

It keeps your neck and shoulders free, for breezy summer comfort…

...while blessing you with so much beauty...don’t be surprised if you find strangers wanting a photo with you!

  1. Create a deep side part in your hair.
  2. Take a piece of hair from the inside of the part, near your forehead, and separate it into three thin sections.
  3. Weave this piece of hair into a French lace braid.
  4. Work the braid around the top and down the side of your head, adding hair as you go.
  5. When you reach your ear, start adding in hair to both sides, turning this into a full French braid. And, before you start this step, split the lower strand in half and tuck one half aside. This will be used to create a rope braid accent later on. You’ll want to separate three of these feathered pieces from the main braid as you style.
  6. Continue braiding across the back of your head until you’ve added all your hair.
  7. Tie off the braid with a hair elastic.
  8. Now, take the separated feathered pieces and turn them into small, thin rope braids.
  9. At the back of your head, wrap the large braid into an off-center bun.
  10. Wrap the rope braids around this, letting them drape loose on the underside of the bun.
  11. Finally, fasten everything in place with bobby pins...or use a decoratively designed hair stick, for an added touch of Ren Faire flair!4

One word of warning, though, about this majestic style:

Just be prepared for a royal treatment...because you might find yourself crowned Queen of the Faire!


Finally, we come to a high point of any summer leisure calendar: the state fair!

And, whether you’re braving the old-school amusement rides...or chasing your kids around the petting zoo…

...the fair packs the kind of high-speed fun low-maintenance hairstyles were made for!

Woman with a huge ball of Cotton candy

“If there was ever an occasion tailor-made for keeping your hairstyle loose and casual, it’s the local state fair!”

Here are some simple suggestions for gracing your state fair hair with trouble-free panache:

  • Tie off a low back-of-the-head bun or textured ponytail with a splashy scarf. It’ll give your outfit a colorful punch...and keep your hair from your face on those wild rollercoasters!
  • Before you leave for the fair, pull your hair up into three buns. Blow-dry the buns, then take them down...and you’ve got instant cascading beachy waves!
  • Sixty seconds to spare? Just pull your hair back and roll it towards your head, into an upside-down French twist. Keep the ends loose, secure the twist with bobby pins and a dash of hairspray...and voila! A classically proportioned but casual summer look!5
  • And if you’ve got natural curls, summer is the perfect time to embrace their bouncy energy! Just be sure to keep your locks well-conditioned and heat-protected, to avoid dryness and excess frizz!6

And, of course, there’s always that other no-fuss state fair styling option:

Win the milk-bottle toss...tuck your hair under the ball cap you choose as your prize…

...and jump right back into the fun!


Whether you love an old-fashioned state fair...a revved-up rock festival...or the vintage glamour of the Ren Faire…

...the key to looking your best at the fest is hair with both superior style and breezy comfort.

So, when you’re gearing up for a day in the summer festival glow…

...try these hairstyles on for size.

They’re sure to help you keep that outdoor party going...all day, and all of the night!



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